Sunday, 6 July 2008


I haven't blogged in a while, so I'm gonna talk about lots of stuff, such as Dark Knight, which may have spoilers.

I hope I'm in the same art group as Zak. We were put into different tutors, which is fine, but then they started saying all this stuff about a new art room in another building and it scares me that they'd put us into two separate classes. Christian also said that Musical Theatre is being divided into 3 separate groups too, which just worries me further.

Yeah. ^ ^ ^ That was in the old draft for this blog, so I decided to leave it in (but trimmed it down because it was really long and a bit silly). Yep.


So uh, recently I had my friend Jamil round for a few days. We pretty much just constantly played Phantasy Star Online and Smash Bros Brawl, and then I went to this...and played Phantasy Star Online and Smash Bros Brawl (mixed in with some wii sports, too). But yeah, also went to a barbecue there, which was yummy. Yeah! Moses is cool, he said some pretty funny things. I asked him if anyone is a cry baby at his school, and he said that this kid was because he wore his school uniform on own clothes day, hahaha (Moses is 6 years old by the way).

Dark Knight

Yeah. Dark Knight! Bloody excellent film, and I'm going to talk about it now with spoilers, so please don't read this It was weird, because it's a super hero movie, but the action scenes weren't the highlight at all. The best parts about the film was the overall plot, the character development (specifically the change of Harvey Dent to Two-Face), and of course, the acting, and the fact that Heath Ledger's Joker is probably my favourite villain I've seen in cinema (but then again, I'm not a cinematic expert, I have not even seen great films like The Godfather). Seriously, I don't use this word often, but I'd describe the acting of him to be perfect. The scenes such as the pencil trick, you just knew that he was absolutely not to be messed with, and how insane he is. But he was also hilarious, such as the whole nurse outfit thing, and the blowing up of the hospital as well.

Ok, so there weren't really any major spoilers there. That's probably because I really enjoyed the film, and don't want to spoil it for anybody that would read this (and yeah, I know I put spoiler warnings, but people often ignore those). One thing that annoys me is when some people say/believe that the only reason anyone is reguarding Heath's performance as excellent is because he's dead, which is complete bullshit. I wasn't really aware of who Heath Ledger really was before he died, and thus wasn't effected when hearing the news, but after watching this, I am really sad about his death because of his performance in this.

Fucking hell my fucking guitar,cvino

Again, the thing above me is something I wrote in this blog draft just before I went to bed, and decided to keep it in. Yes I did.

What I am doing yeah I have nothing to write about hello

Well, right now all I'm doing is listen to music (mainly Bjork right now) and completing my art book for when I go back to school. So far I've drawn a cartoon wearing headphones, Heath Ledger's Joker, and Thom Yorke. I will be drawing lots of other music people that I love also, and drawing songs. Yeah. I'm also not getting anywhere with my song despite that probably being a priority over my art book. I need to purchase a really good microphone (as in, really good) so I can record the acoustic guitar without it sounding terrible.

It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiime to coooooome home

Woah, I just made a subtitle with Radiohead lyrics...YEAH. So, my brother's coming home from Thailand after almost two years today. He should actually be home any minute now. Yep. I wonder if he's got me anything (lolo) or if he still will keep playing Linkin Park and Thai music when he gets back. I will try to educate him perhaps. Yeah, there's too many subtitles compared to words in this blog, so now I'll just say this before I stop writing things:

This is my best blog I've written, I think (click for link to blog). It's my most nerdy, but yeah. Usually reading over things I write, I cringe, but I don't with that, despite it being pretty pathetic. Woo.



Anthony said...

We should watch a cinematic expert film toghter. By the way theres this part in the Godfather where he stabs a pencil into the table and says ' Watch my magic trick' and then he slams some guys head into the pencil and it dissappears!

Dom Kelly said...

Anthony's favourite movie = JFK.


Anthony said...