Monday, 30 June 2008

So today I watched The Green Mile

FYI: I just completely edited this blog from what it used to be, completely. Now I'm gonna write about The Green Mile for a little bit and discuss some Futurama episodes, mainly about why I was moved a lot more by Jurassic Bark than I was by, uh, the other one. The one with the seven leaf clover. There will of course be spoilers in this blog.

So yeah, onto Green Mile. This was a really sad film, I'm surprised at how moving it was just for simple things such as the mouse dying (though I wasn't a fan of its resurrection, though it was necessary. It's just that it took away a lot of the impact.) And of course, both of the [major] executions got to me a lot, I can't decide which one was worse. I can't think of a character I've hated more than Percy Wetmore, and I don't mean hated as in he's a bad character (he's a great character) but holy shit, what an asshole. When he didn't wet the I also hate how unrealistically everyone acted afterwards, all he basically got was a slap and a few hours locked in a room (and I know he gets that disease at the end but that's beside the point, because it wasn't something the prison guards did).

Another thing (which on reflection, I don't care about) but the twist that Billy the Kid was the one that killed the girls really wasn't surprising, it was pretty obvious, and it tried to be shocking when it wasn't really. I also don't like how Coffey made Percy kill him as a punishment, because he gave him a quick painless death, while the chair would have been a worse punishment anyway.

I was pretty weirded out and annoyed at when the film suddenly became supernatural and holy, with some apparent religious metaphors (John Coffey's initials = JC which = Jesus Christ) but it doesn't matter, I'm not gonna pretend it hurt the film at all because it didn't, but I thought it was going to. Coffey was pretty human anyway. Yeah. Another thing I didn't quite like was how Paul got the "curse" from God at the end for letting Coffey die, which I thought was really stupid because it was Coffey's wish, and he asked him not to stop it. I'm just going to assume that Paul's assumption was wrong about God doing it because, well, why WOULD he curse someone for letting them die when they want to.

I always end up just talking about the negatives when reviewing things, which is a really annoying trait of mine. I don't know how to compliment things unless I say "I liked this part" or "that was great". I wish I could properly critique things (though maybe I'm better at doing this to music. I'll review that Neutral Milk Hotel album eventually, Bown).

Now onto Futurama:

I'd just like to point out before I write about this that this is just a personal reason for why I was moved a lot more by the ending of Jurassic Bark over the ending of The Luck of the Fryrish (which are both really good puns, haha) and this isn't exactly set in stone. Then again, you probably already knew that, but y'know *FILLS UP SPACE*.

The ending of Jurassic Bark had much more of an impact on me because, well, it was a sad ending. Fry had made a mistake and he didn't really know it, his dog DID remember him and had spent the rest of his life waiting for him before he died. And then there's luck of the Fryrish, which also had a great ending, but it was like "aw, that's sweet" kinda thing, because his brother hadn't stolen his life. Basically, everything turned out alright, and it was just lovely, rather than the "damn it Fry, your dog still remembers you". I'm explaining this horribly, and making the ending of Luck of the Fryrish seem a lot worse and over simplified than it really is, but that's pretty much how I feel.

And it's not just the ending of Jurassic Bark that makes me sad, too. There's other parts such as when Seymour (Fry's dog) finds Fry frozen, and tries to tell his parents, but they don't notice (it was funny, and is funny, but it still makes me kinda go "damn"). I probably also cared about the episode a bit more cos I was imagining if that had happened to my cat, haha. I love animals, I might become vegetarian one day (aslong as I get to smother everything with melted cheese I MIGHT just make it).

Yeah... I have nothing to write about recently. I don't really like writing blogs about media stuff, but I guess it will do. In other news...

Music Bros Brawl-E's Lawful

I haven't been thinking about and thus not progressing on the song I'm writing at all, because I have been playing Smash Bros Brawl pretty much constantly for 2 days. Really, really great game, but I'm not having nearly as much fun as I should be having because I haven't been playing multiplayer. I also think the game's a bit more floaty than it should be, and I really don't like the changes to Falco and some of the physics in general...but OH GOD, Meta knight just rules. And uh, I hear Zak has been telling Anthony that they both need to stay at my house for the night. He should try asking me, not Anthony, haha. YEAH ZAK YOU BIG JERK, I'M CALLING YOU OUT.

Yeah, I really want to see Wall-E, because it's apparently a wonderful film and Pixar's best work, but it's not out at my local cinema until the bloody 18th of July (it was released elsewhere 2 days ago, I believe). That's really annoying, yes it is. I'm also reminded suddenly by the use of the word "bloody" (the wrong BLOODY side) that Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures is one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen, and I advise all of you to watch it...


...Someone has taken my old blog url already, hahaha. It's really weird though, because it's just a bunch of consecutive examples of teenagers getting personal loans or whatever, and nothing more. I don't know why they picked that url. The funny thing is, though, when my blog was linked to on that site about my Amnesiac review, anyone that reads that and clicks the link will be linked to a site about teenagers being given loans. Marvelous. We should collaborate in a blog, I can see it now. That might be a possible url (because Alienblogato might not be the final choice, I'm still unsure if it's a good name to track down (google comes up with nothing) and that's why I changed from the original URL in the first place.

And with that, I leave you sitting in your own filth, you shit.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Man, I really don't wanna write about this

Because I don't want to turn my blog into a place to vent my anger (even though that might be entertaining), or a stupid fucking bitch fest (again, would be entertaining, but is ultimately pathetic). But man, I'll just say this, I didn't write any blog posts on this blog to offend anyone, but apparently this has happened? I don't really know what to say, I just wish they'd said something rather than boycotting me completely. I didn't even mention in the blog that he stole a game, as a matter of just not becoming a bitching monster, and now he's mad at me for a line in my blog where I said I didn't feel like having anyone round. This is ridiculous. I'm glad Oran didn't follow the boycott (and I'm sorry Oran, I know you didn't want them to know, but this is involves me so y'know).

And now this blog is becoming a bitch fest, which I didn't want to happen, so I'm cutting it short write here.

Tomorrow I'm going to TJ's 16th birthday, which shall be fun. He rung me yesterday, and I had no idea who it was. I'm sorry, haha. Though, Zak told me to ring him, but I don't have his number I don't think. So I'm not really sure how to get there, because he told me to meet him at the "2 fat ladies" in Wimbledon...and I don't where the "2 fat ladies" is. I feel like I should know, because I live right near Wimbledon but, er, I don't. Hopefully he'll come on the msn device later.

The song I'm writing is coming along really well, which I'm really glad about. I need to start writing lyrics, and then I'll record it and get to work on Sony Acid. That reminds me, need to ask Liam (Ugmo Liam, this is getting annoying actually. From now on, Liam refers to Ugmo, and Dolubasao refers to, um, Dolubasao) about more links to free samples. I'm also worried about Acid automatically changing the tempo to match the drums; I hope it's the other way around, and that the drums are slowed down/sped up to match the guitar.

Hahaha, that reminds me. When I was speaking to Lorentz, I said "Acid will probably make making the music easier", and he thought I was talking about drugs. That's pretty cool! Maybe I should try both. But yeah, uh...

I have nothing to talk about recently. How the hell does Dom write 12000 word blogs? Ok, that's a stupid question, because he's told me how. Maybe I should start some kind of log thing too, and make my blogs a "best of" from that. It would probably result in me not posting occasionally shitty (lol) blogs which are just youtube videos.... though I haven't done that in a while, I'm just posting this to fill up space.

Which I don't want to do, gah. Filling up space sucks unless you're filling up space with something worthwhile...and I'm still doing it, to! Jeez. I'll talk about something now; I haven't been working on Alien Potato for about a week. I hope I manage to motivate myself to finish it soon; I don't want it to head to "oblivion", which all my semi long flashes seem to go. I can never make anything more than 3 minutes long unless it's a joke and/or piece of crap. Sucks. Oh well!

This blog is terrible, sorry. I feel like I should add to it later, but nah.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Other places

So it seems my blog's appearing on other sites on the web. Haha, that's making it sound a bit more important than I'm making it out to be. Basically, my blog is linked to on a site that has a list of blogs, and it ranks it in popularity (I'm uh, I'm pretty far down at like the 3 millionth most popular). The coolest link by far is definitely one that was on a page about a Radiohead article, that linked to my Amnesiac review. Sure, my Amnesiac review had next to nothing to do with the article (it was about Radiohead letting people pay what price they wanted for In Rainbows), but it was still cool. It shows that outside people at least occasionally read this thing (or are pretty good/terrible at google).

I'm also pretty happy, I feel like I'm starting to get somewhere, at least a little, with my song that I'm writing. So far it's pretty much the result of listening to "Independence Day" by Elliott Smith on loop, but it doesn't sound too much like it, which is exactly what I want; to be inspired but not completely rip someone off which I do way too much. But I need to write more than just the guitar part, I added some keyboard drums when I recorded the intro and it sounded hilariously bad, so now my next task is to get a program like Sony Acid to add some drums, or something...

...I also broke my guitar string yesterday. Damn. I'm gonna have to write the song on my electric, but when I record, I'm recording on an acoustic. It just sounds better for the type of song, yep. That said, I'm a bit interested in writing songs for an electric guitar. I've tried before, but never really did well. This is because there's so many different tones for guitar that it gets a bit confusing what to do, and like, I'm not skilled at that kind of way of playing. I'm not good at shredding and just general soloing is what I mean, but yeah, I guess that doesn't matter much.

I need to focus on things I can do to the song I'm writing now, rather than waiting to get music programs (which I'll not get until at least the 17th), because then I'll just be on halt. I need to start writing lyrics next, or write more of the guitar stuff, because usually I write something good, and end up just repeatedly playing it over and over 'cos I can't write anything that fits, and I really need to just get out of this continued comfort zone of doing things the same and not trying anything different, y'know. Yeah, this blog is terrible because so far it's basically one giant "note to self", but maybe you'll find it interesting? Doubt it. Maybe. Meh. Words.

...Now on a non musical topic, I really need Metal Gear Solid 4 right now. I don't have a PS3, and I'd feel ridiculous cashing out £400 for basically 1 game, but I'll feel less ridiculous if my brother pays half the amount when he gets back (which would be sometime in July, but then again he has no money right now so it would probably end up being 10 years or so). I hate it when a game I really, really want is out, and I just can't have it. That sounds really childish and pathetic, and well, it is! But y'know, there's nothing wrong with wanting something. It's Smash Bros Brawl all over again, though when that came out, I really couldn't get it because it's not out in Europe (though it will be soon).

Yeah. That'll probably do.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

I have a summer goal, and more

Summer Goal

So, I got a letter from school about A levels, and what one I should pick for next year (that would be an addition to my art btec). The only one that really grabs my eye is the music one, because it's a composing course, and I'm pretty interested in that. The description of the course mentions composing, but also composing using computers, and then of course performing our pieces (which I'd love to do, I've never performed to a large audience, or in a group for that matter). I do admit though, I'm not so keen about learning theory. I mean, I'm definitely eager to learn, but I can imagine me not...doing so well in this part, and getting a bad grade. But if I'm honest, it's not the grade that concerns me at all in reguard to this.

But yeah, that leads to another thought. Both Liam (ugmo) and Dom have said that studying music actually partially killed their enthusiasm for it. I'm not sure if I should take this into account though, because:

  • This course seems a bit different. It's situated about writing music and performing which is exactly what I want to do. I think their courses were more like...traditional? Can't think of a word
  • They might be talking about university level, which would indeed be much harder.

Either way, I'm going to atleast try my summer goal (and a requirement to apply for the course); I need to record a 2 minute original composition. I've already started this anyway, but it's not going that well because I really need to break the mold of mimicing songs, or making songs that sound like a blend of others. I have all summer to do this (I think, anyway) so I think it will definitely get better. I might start getting guitar lessons again, or maybe piano lessons, just because a requirement is a "clear interest in music", and I don't think they'd think I'm "interested enough" if I don't atleast have some references.


Tomorrow is my birthday (16th); I'm not getting anything apart from albums though. Well, actually, I'm getting just money I think, but with that I'm buying albums. This is because I really need to expand my music library (and hell, maybe if I do that, I'll start copying from everyone except just Radiohead, haha). List includes The Eraser, Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Either/Or, Boy in da Corner, and Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (and others, possibly). But then again, that's assuming they have them in HMV (I know they'll have the Smashing Pumpkins one, but last time I checked they didn't have "The Eraser", so I'm doubting they'll have Aphex Twin).

How I miss my Potato

Yeah, my laptop's still away getting fixed, and boy do I miss working on Alien Potato. I know what you're thinking: "Wait, you miss working on a cartoon? After mentioning many times how pain stakingly boring it is? Question mark?" Well, that is correct, animating is often extremely boring, but it's something to do that's productive. I wrote about this in much more detail in a previous blog, but I'll go over it again; I love creative/productive stuff, because they kill time and they're achievements, in a way. I feel like I'm doing something, rather than just indulging myself in nothing. So basically, I feel a lot more pointless when I'm not working on something.

This has a bright side though, because instead of just doing nothing all together, I'm working on something else productive which is actually more important as of now. I'm refering to trying to write a song of course.

Yeah, that's about it. I'm back to shortish blogs for now.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Blog Challenge #1

I have recieved my first blog challenge from one Dominique Kaylee esquire, and unlike him, I'm going to write more than 3 lines about it :@ !! Scroll to the end of my blog for the challenge.

Nothing's been going on recently, except exams, which are very boring. I've also been playing my keyboard a lot more recently (as in, I'm hardly touching my guitar) and I'm trying to make songs. One I'm making now sounds a bit like Morning Bell but its mainly me just mucking around. I need to learn more piano chords off by heart.

Oh and uh, my laptop has been taken away from me because the graphics card isn't working or something. This is annoying yes it is... OH I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE *DOES BLOG CHALLENGE*

"I challenge you to write about faeces, Hitler, and your CD collection - and link all three"

Ok, uh. Faeces eh? Faeces are my least favourite fallen excrement! I don't really know what I'm meant to say about this... kinda reminds me of brown water. Did I just amaze you, Dom? I managed to reference my blog challenge aswell as yours. That takes real skill y'know!

Hitler...he was a huge prick. He also gives things a bad name, e.g, "Evolution only leads to killing people. Did you know hitler believed in evolution and survival of the fittest? That's why the holocaust happened!". EUGH. Hitler was actually pretty good at painting though, backgrounds atleast. Apparently he sucked at painting people though, which is weird because I'm good at painting most things except backgrounds. If we combined our talents we'd be invincible.

My CD collection is pretty pathetic. The first album I ever bought was R Kelly's "The R in Rn'B", because it had "Ignition Remix" on it. Then I think it was Christina Aguillera's "Stripped", then uh...Michael Jackson's "Number Ones". A year later I then bought Greenday's "American Idiot"...I don't listen to any of those anymore...

Then I bought Absolution, and loved it, then Origin of Symmetry (best Muse album), then Showbiz (2nd best), then Hullaballoo. This was the period when I was a Muse maniac. Then, last Christmas, I bought The Bends and Ok Computer. I remember I was pretty much like "...woah". I also got Black Holes and Revelations for Christmas, and initially loved it, but then I got bored of it (because, well, Matt is not good at writing an album related to politics, because it's pretty much "DIE GOVERNMENT DIE BANG BANG").

I then proceded to get more Radiohead albums. Hail to the Thief first, then Amnesiac and Kid A on the same day. Amnesiac is the best album I've ever heard, yep. Those are my only records, but I have lots of music on my laptop/ipod, but most of it is either downloaded/sent to me.

Christ, now I'm meant to link them all into one, aren't I? Ok. Wouldn't it be awesome if Hitler released an album of him defecating? There we go.