Thursday, 19 June 2008

Man, I really don't wanna write about this

Because I don't want to turn my blog into a place to vent my anger (even though that might be entertaining), or a stupid fucking bitch fest (again, would be entertaining, but is ultimately pathetic). But man, I'll just say this, I didn't write any blog posts on this blog to offend anyone, but apparently this has happened? I don't really know what to say, I just wish they'd said something rather than boycotting me completely. I didn't even mention in the blog that he stole a game, as a matter of just not becoming a bitching monster, and now he's mad at me for a line in my blog where I said I didn't feel like having anyone round. This is ridiculous. I'm glad Oran didn't follow the boycott (and I'm sorry Oran, I know you didn't want them to know, but this is involves me so y'know).

And now this blog is becoming a bitch fest, which I didn't want to happen, so I'm cutting it short write here.

Tomorrow I'm going to TJ's 16th birthday, which shall be fun. He rung me yesterday, and I had no idea who it was. I'm sorry, haha. Though, Zak told me to ring him, but I don't have his number I don't think. So I'm not really sure how to get there, because he told me to meet him at the "2 fat ladies" in Wimbledon...and I don't where the "2 fat ladies" is. I feel like I should know, because I live right near Wimbledon but, er, I don't. Hopefully he'll come on the msn device later.

The song I'm writing is coming along really well, which I'm really glad about. I need to start writing lyrics, and then I'll record it and get to work on Sony Acid. That reminds me, need to ask Liam (Ugmo Liam, this is getting annoying actually. From now on, Liam refers to Ugmo, and Dolubasao refers to, um, Dolubasao) about more links to free samples. I'm also worried about Acid automatically changing the tempo to match the drums; I hope it's the other way around, and that the drums are slowed down/sped up to match the guitar.

Hahaha, that reminds me. When I was speaking to Lorentz, I said "Acid will probably make making the music easier", and he thought I was talking about drugs. That's pretty cool! Maybe I should try both. But yeah, uh...

I have nothing to talk about recently. How the hell does Dom write 12000 word blogs? Ok, that's a stupid question, because he's told me how. Maybe I should start some kind of log thing too, and make my blogs a "best of" from that. It would probably result in me not posting occasionally shitty (lol) blogs which are just youtube videos.... though I haven't done that in a while, I'm just posting this to fill up space.

Which I don't want to do, gah. Filling up space sucks unless you're filling up space with something worthwhile...and I'm still doing it, to! Jeez. I'll talk about something now; I haven't been working on Alien Potato for about a week. I hope I manage to motivate myself to finish it soon; I don't want it to head to "oblivion", which all my semi long flashes seem to go. I can never make anything more than 3 minutes long unless it's a joke and/or piece of crap. Sucks. Oh well!

This blog is terrible, sorry. I feel like I should add to it later, but nah.

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Anonymous said...

I'm boycotting you because this blog is awful!