Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Careers, Friends, and Phallus

I had a cool chat with Liam the other day (Ugmo Liam, not Dolubasao), and well. His advice was basically yes, I should do something about music, but it's good that I'm not doing it academically because it kills off the creative motivation. I agree, pretty much, though I would have liked to have done a GCSE in it, because it wouldn't be too stressful and I'd have some form of proof that I know something about music, y'know? I'm really going off art, not as something for fun, but as a career. I just can't see it happening, but yet, it's the only thing I see happening.

Career in Art?

Ok, I've always been an artist at heart. I've been drawing since I was little, and my biggest gift is painting. Recently, I'm just thinking, art is kinda shit. Well, not really... I'm struggling how to word this. Marketing art is pretty crap, basically. I do a painting, and what happens? It will get put in a large white room and old rich people might look at it and discuss if they want to buy it. Others might walk around and say something like "Wow, that's pretty cool." or "Meh" and walk off, forgetting its existence forever.

I hate that; The thing that I'm best at has become pretty irrelevant at this time. I'm not talking about making money (well, not mainly) because I guess some people MIGHT pay money for my paintings, but that's not really what I'm talking about. I'm talking about proper appreciation for art is gone. The main problem is, art can't be sold to the masses. If I did a painting, I couldn't sell that to everyone like I could an album. Of course, there's exceptions: album covers, comic books, etc. The problem with them is they're not being bought for the art. Albums are bought for the music, comics are bought partially for the art, but mainly the story/characters. I also don't want to do either of those things, really. I'm not a designer myself, and comics do interest me...but not that much. The only way I'd want to draw for a comic would be if it was my own comic, as in, my story, my art, my characters.

Then there's animation, which I'm interested in...but animation is boring. If I had a career in animation I would most likely end up collapsing into myself. I could only ever do it as a free time thing, it's just too tedious. Again, I'd only consider animation if I was in charge of the story and art. I would hate to animate someone else's ideas.

Gah, I feel like I'm typing a bunch of crap that I probably disagree with anyway. Here's a summary:

  • People are not moved or concerned by art as they are music
  • Art can not be distributed as easily as music, if at all
  • Art that can be distributed easily is art that I am not concerned about/being distributed as a side product.

Career in Music?

I'm not gonna list all the positives and negatives of being in a band, because I can't be bothered and it's more obvious. I want to have a career in music as an ideal life choice. It's because my passion for music has outgrown my passion for art. It can evoke emotion much more easily than art can.

The thing about this is, I don't know where to start. I've become bored with guitar music kinda recently, and I want to try more electronic stuff. I'll probably ask Liam for a list of programmes, but really, I'd love to just go to Australia and hang with him and Dom and they can teach me various stuff. That's an annoying thing about my life at the moment, I'm surrounded by talented musicians, but they're not my friends. Well, a few of them are, but they're either much more talented than me or want to make different music to me (or as just as clueless about the music I want to make as I am). But back at Ugmo head quarters, they like the same kind of music I do AND they're experienced at it AND (most importantly) they're actually my friends.

A ray of hope in me having a music career is that Thom Yorke (Radiohead) did a degree in art, I believe. He basically went down the same round as I am, is what I'm saying. But then again, he's a musical genius, one of the true virtuosos of our time, and I'm not (yet? OH OH) so yeah.


To link into the previous discussion, I'm seeing my friends as different people recently. Well, that's a bad way putting it really. Basically, I'm becoming a gigantic nerd. Recently, I'm reguarding my Ugmo friends as being closer friends than those I have in real life. I've never wanted to meet people that I haven't met more (except I really wanna meet Thom Yorke and give him a great big cuddle). It's weird, because I see Dom as being a friend, and no longer class him as "internet friend", and I do this (but to a lesser extent) to Michael and Liam. It's because, when I really think about it, a lot of my friends I can't relate to. This might be just because they're not interested in the same things, but there's some other more probable reasons:

  • I think I get on with older people better than I do my age. I'm not sure why, but I always found it really easy to relate to my older brother's friends (he's 21, 6 years older than me) when they come round than I do to people my own age. Like, it's usually instant that I get along. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because there's less pressure from older people about what they think of you (such as if, for example, I say I don't drink, and older person might attribute that to my age while someone my age would attribute it to me being boring).
  • To link to the previous bullet, Ugmo doesn't seem that fixated on alcohol and drugs (except for the occasional story from Ben Rice or someone else). That's being unfair, I'm not entirely against drinking (or drugs for that matter) but when part of people's screen names is "HANGOVER FROM LAST NIGHT!" it just makes me think "Ehhhh". God, then again, do most of my friends even drink/do drugs at all??? I don't know why I'm typing this, because this is something that I find annoying with my age group rather than my friends.
  • Ugmo has the same sense of humour as me, that being the absurd and the satirical, but also, it's clever. Good timing and referencing is often the thing that will make me laugh the most (which is why Anthony so easily gets me into fits of giggles) and well, Ugmo does this well. It's also in joke heaven, and makes me seem close to the guys. It also satisfies my severe dark humour side, as we make fun of people for...controversial things (I'm sorry Michael, and Dom. Perhaps one day you will both be fashionable).
In short: I'd love to meet Ugmo people RIGHT NOW. I'm gonna talk about something else now maybe!


I don't care about them, but I'm gonna try my best. The worst thing is, by far, my parent's expectations. I'm (not to sound arrogant) gonna do better than 90% of the country in these things, but because my sister did so well, my mum has an obsession with me wanting to out do her. I don't want to. The one thing I'm developing a real passion for I'm not even studying anyway, but yeah. There's no point arguing in them, because if I do, I'll sound like a no life bum that's destined for nothing. It's annoying though, because in the end, it should be about what you learn. The only use for GCSEs are for something to look good on your CV when applying for a job (resumes for those Americans among you. I also don't actually know if Australia says CV or resume or something different).

I mean, I've already been accepted back in school. Why should I care that much, honestly? Just, I do care, but not nearly enough as my mum does. My sister got good A levels and GCSEs and she's more clueless about what to do with her life than I am.

Random stuff (Phallus)

I've recently gotten a DeviantArt account, and I'm already blocked from commenting on someone's pictures. I mean, I give lengthy and honest criticism to his piece of shit (though I was never "mean" as I'm being now about it) and the bugger blocks me. Outrage! I also went on the chat rooms of that site, and subsequently found a girl that loves Radiohead, and not only that, her favourite album is Amnesiac. Awesome. I should invite her to Ugmo perhaps.

God, reading this blog is horrible, I've turned into a giant loser. I've been talking about internet stuff the whole time, because as of now, my life isn't active enough to have anything to write about apart from exams. Sad huh? Anyway...

...I think I've said all I need to say. I want a change in life style and a change in scenery. My bedroom walls are getting pretty boring, as loving as they are.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Reasons why I love Pyramid Song

Christ it's late. Anyway, yeah, I've always thought of Pyramid Song as being a very happy song rather than deathly and ghostly, even though it is. I'm just saying this because of a post made by Dom on Ugmo:

I think the reason why I see it as one of the happiest songs of all time is because, as I mentioned in great deal in a previous blog, death is by far my biggest fear. I believe that once you die, it's the end; you will never experience any type of thought or emotion ever again. What does this have to do with anything? Well, Pyramid Song, to me, is describing the journey of dying and going to heaven. The line "nothing to fear, nothing to doubt" is exactly what I want, I don't want to fear death or doubt that I go to heaven, but I do in a significant manner. The song fills me with a sort of emotion that I want but am never going to really feel.

Ehhh, sounds really kinda lame. I'm getting into the song too much, I know. To summarise: when I die, I want the events described in Pyramid Song to happen to me, even though I don't think they will, but I still want it and listening to the song kinda gives me that illusion, it's strong imagery, it's immersive. But then again, there's obviously the whole side that I can't explain: the music. It's a musical materpiece, filled with odd piano chords, weird time signatures, amazing drums, the whole orchestra thing. Yeah, so, it's got an amazing concept and amazing music, all coming together for a wonderful song. Lovely.

Right, that's that then. I promise not to write about Radiohead for a while, haha. On the brightside, this is a pretty short blog; rejoice! I'm also developing a bit more of a writing skill recently, I've never reviewed an album before but I think I did a good job with not too much effort. This might help with my upcoming English exams, too. Nice.

Thursday, 22 May 2008



Amnesiac, for those of you that don't know, is the 5th album released by Radiohead; it was released in 2001, 9 months after their last album (Kid A). To many, Amnesiac is known as the lesser of the "twin albums separated at birth" out of itself and Kid A.


Radiohead have always explored dark themes, but Amnesiac is darker than any other Radiohead album to date. The opening song, "Packt like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box", despite being the opening to the album, describes someone that is looking back on their life with regret; looking back and realising that they have been waiting for nothing their whole life, and that they've been "looking in the wrong place" for whatever they're looking for.

Dollars and Cents is a very interestingly eerie song. It's interesting because the narrative of the song is changing, sometimes there's even 2 narratives going on at once, e.g, the "Why don't you quiet down? (maybe I want peace and honesty)" part of the song. One voice seems to be Thom, expressing concerns of the decaying world and corrupt government, while the other voice IS the corrupt government, telling Yorke to quiet down and threatening him that they will use their money to "crack your little souls". It's similar to the (constant) anti government songs that Muse tried writing in "Black Holes & Revelations", but it's INFINITELY more interesting than Muse's dull "kill the government omg" routine.

Not all of the album is dark, however. Pyramid song is one of the most refreshing and happy songs I've ever heard, which [I assume] details someone going to heaven, and all the things they see on the way, ending on the line "There was nothing to fear, nothing to doubt". Now I'm not a religious person [and I don't believe Thom is either], but it's powerful imagery.

However, that's where the happiness ends, and if Amnesiac is a concept album, then Pyramid song is probably relating to an amnesiac trying to "piece together" memories of the former happier world, and not the corrupt world detailed in Dollars and Cents.
Although it is songs that were left over from Kid A, I find it easier to relate to a concept in this album.

Musically, this album is unmatched in diversity. It supplies me with a need that I want, but don't generally find in albums; it's completely musically different to other things out there. Jazz is at its heart, but it's also filled with electronica and some blues elements (such as I Might Be Wrong's blues riff) elements and it all works so wonderfully. No other album sounds like this.

"Packt like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box" is the opener and introduction for what's to come. Its main driving force is it's electronic beat and bass line, but there's also guitars present in there, though not in the usual way. I didn't even notice until after a few listens, it's just subtle sounds mixed in that layer over each other and compliment each other well.

"Pyramid Song" is a musical masterpiece, and my personal favourite song of all time; It's songs like this that I wish there were more of (but yet, don't. It makes the song more original I guess). It starts with simple piano chords, but it instantly gets you as the time signature is very unusual, switching between 2/4 and 3/4, and you won't really be able to get it right until after listening to the song many times... or until the introduction of the drums. The song has many amazing moments, the introduction of the drums, the string section, the wailings of the ondes martenot, and the heart warming lyrics. It's beautiful.

"No other album sounds like this."

The other stand out song on the album is "Like Spinning Plates", a ghostly song that is similar to Dollars and Cents in that it has a corrupt government theme, but it's also similar to pyramid song in that it's a tad more super naturual and ghostly, emphasised of course by the reversed vocals. It's probably the most unique sounding song on the album.

However, there are criticisms with this album, evidently. "Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors", however initially grabbing the pulsating beat is, is just boring. Thom had developed a fascination with doors at this point in his career, but the lyrics in this song are more like reading a Wikipedia article about doors, or just a list of useless facts about doors. It's not creepy, it's not different, it's just a boring yet initially interesting electronic song. I wouldn't mind it as a breather song if it wasn't for it being four minutes long, way to long seeing as the song never really develops into anything else, apart from sampling the end of Pyramid song in places.

However, this may seem contradictory to what I've just said, but the song still works. It works as an "in limbo" song next to pyramid song; basically what I'm saying is that the song indeed does fit on the album, though it doesn't work as a stand alone song. Another song like this is "Hunting Bears", which is actually quite nice and ambient sounding and fits on the album, but as a stand alone song? Not nearly as strong as the others.

There are still songs that don't really belong, though, such as "Knives Out", which probably would have fit better on an album like "Ok Computer", as it's just the usual 3 guitar line up, which is fine, but it doesn't go anywhere on this album. It, like Pulk/Pull, IS initially a great and catchy song, but it's the same thing over and over again, with unusually boring vocals from Yorke. Basically what I'm saying is, if you played this song and then fast forwarded 2 minutes in, it would probably sound the same.

"It is not as easily initially listenable as Kid A or other albums, but once you let it get into you, it's an amazing album."

There are also times when the album really does seem like a Kid A left over, for example, having another version of Morning Bell. Though that might be being a little unfair, as the Amnesiac morning bell is very interesting, as it highlights the differences between Kid A and Amnesiac. Kid A's morning bell is a dancy song, while on Amnesiac, it is portrayed to be a rather terrifying sounding song, and when Thom sings "please" it actually sounds he generally needs help. It's creepy, but it is not as listenable as the Kid A version. That sums up Amnesiac in general, it is not as easily initially listenable as Kid A or other albums, but once you let it get into you, it's an amazing album, a really amazing album. It's similar to finding that a box has a hidden compartment filled with gems.

In conclusion, yes, the album does have weak points, but most of those weak points vanish while you let the album get under your skin. There are times when the album really hits you with all it's strengths: the guitar break down in "I Might Be Wrong", the orchestra in "Pyramid Song", the seemingly out of nowhere build up in "You and Whose Army?". It all comes together as an amazing diverse album, that isn't for everyone, but it's exactly everything I want in an album.


Sunday, 18 May 2008

I'm going to get possibly boring things out of the way first

And by boring, I probably mean stuff that I don't usually write. Anyway, first things first:


I'm doing my exams now...and probably most of you that read my blog (but not Dom cos he does not have GCSEs cos he's in another country and is older than me hey Dom I know you from that ugmo place that is the end of the bracket bye).

So yeah, I had an art exam last monday and tuesday (I did a painting), lasting 10 hours in total. I only got about 8 hours for mine though, because the first hour was painting the whole board white and waiting for it to dry, and the next was drawing on the board with pencil. Both of these were meant to be done before the exam, but when I got there early to do this, I got "board carrying duty", carrying all the canvases (they were large) from one building to another. I got help though, of course, but yeah. Annoying.

The other bad thing was that I was also meant to project the photoshop (that I was drawing from) onto the board, but the projector wouldn't stay open (it's a broken piece of shit) so I had to just draw it free hand really quickly. I actually had to sit down for 5 minutes because everything had just gone horribly wrong right from the start. After that though, when I actually began the whole "painting" part, it all went fine, and I finished 10 mins early anyway.

So yeah. Nothing else interesting exam wise, but I did manage to mention Thom Yorke in my citizenship exam. Y'see, I was answering a question about pressure groups, and I mentioned the "Big Ask Campaign" and how pressure groups may be popular with young people as they're backed up by celebrities (such as Thom Thom). Another person also did this (Fearghall) so then we high fived after the exam.

Rest in Psychotic peace, Psychoholiday:

Psychoholiday, the private uploader to a site I've been on, has permanently closed down after two and a half years of loyal service. I miss it already, man. It was perfect, it was the only uploader that my school hadn't blocked, and lots of little memories over the past 2 years had been conviniently stacked in one place. *Salutes it*. I guess I'll have to use google pages or something now, which won't be nearly as cool.

Bioshock? On MY PS3 and theaters?

Bioshock (my favourite game for years) is going to be ported to the PS3, it has recently been announced. I really shouldn't care (and, well, I don't), as I don't have a PS3, but hopefully I can get Oran to get this game now. It's brilliant.

More importantly, however, is that there's going to be a Bioshock movie now. It's gonna be made by Universal Pictures and directed by the guy that directed Pirates of the Carribean. I'm not sure if this film will suck or be completely awesome, probably the former, but I'll most likely enjoy it. I'm not sure what it's gonna be though. A sequel? A prequel? We'll see.

And now for the usual stuff

I'm not feeling as down as I have been for the past weeks, mainly because exams have started. Why would that make you happy, you say? Well, because after weeks of being stressed about "being thrown into the fire", I'm actually in the fire now, and it's not so bad (better if anything; I come in, write things down, and leave, with in 2 hours or so). Now, instead of looking ahead and seeing exams, I'm looking ahead and seeing holidays, because the exams will be over soon, and there's a 2 week break inbetween anyway.

Also, I think I should add, I'm over that "anonymous" "vague" thing I always rambled about for the past few blogs. All the "care" I had about that subject is now gone, hopefully forever. I can tick that off of my "to do list" now. I actually have a to do list, conviniently located amongst a sea of myspace blogs, that I actually update (by form of commenting them) if I've done any of these. I'm pleased to see that I've done most of these, which is neat.

Haha, actually this just reminded me of something...

I found my old diary

Yep, that's right folks, before I started writing myspace blogs, and eventually this blogspot blog, I used to have a diary... It's hilariously bad. I'm so ashamed of what I used to say. The only good thing about it is entries that would simply consist of "*insert name here* is a cunt". Those ones were fantastic. The rest, however, is basically a bunch of bollocks crammed into a blender, with the resulting product sprawled onto paper. I even drew fuckin' EMO drawings. What the hell? This isn't me.

It was funny looking back, though. It's from 2006, and even though that's not all that far away, I'd forgotten a lot of events. Fun. I might start writing in it again; it's like this blog except that I am never vague about anything, and it's covered in doodles of sonic and DEREk.

And, once again, I'm reminded of things that I had once forgotten...

Lips the Fish and Alien Potato used to go hand in hand

I know what you're thinking. It's either "What?" or "Who the fuck are this fish and potato". I'll explain briefly:

Alien Potato and Lips the Fish are characters from cartoons that I make, conviniently titled as "Lips the Fish" and "Alien Potato". What I had forgotten though, is something different. I recently was looking through my old school planners, and I found doodles of them. Not only did I remember that Alien Potato was actually based on a doodle I did from a character from an anime on cartoon network, but that Lips and Alien Potato actually came from the same series.

Originally, after creating Alien Potato, I decided to make a bunch of companions for him. One of them was Eric the bird (though I think this was actually a girl), Jim the Caterpillar, and then Lips the fish. I did comics about this and everything. Now, when I made the Lips cartoons, I'd completely forgotten that he used to be a part of the Alien Potato crew, haha.

As a result of this, Lips will not be in the Alien Potato cartoon. Why's this? Because the Lips of the original Alien Potato was different. For one, he could walk, and talk, and fight. Lips, in his own cartoon, is presented as a cowardly thing that can swim fast and crash into rocks. They've essentially branched off as 2 different characters. I'll probably make another character for the Alien Potato series, instead.

Still, it was nice to remember this. This blog was a bit different to usual because I have nothing to moan about, and if you aren't aware of Lips or Alien Potato then you will not get it, but yeah.

Oh yeah

I've decided that Amnesiac is my favourite album ever. The reason is pretty simple, and I would go on about it, but I wont: No other album sounds like this. Atleast not that I'm aware of. Cool. Bye.


Saturday, 3 May 2008

Laughing when you shouldn't

Honestly, I think this in itself deserves a blog post:

It's perfect.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Weird Thing about this School

A weird thing about this school for me, is that as it approaches the final days, I just get more and more depressed. The last day of my former secondary school was by far the best day I had there. It was awesome, mainly because I felt special because I was leaving. We went to the park and did things and eat food and stayed there 'til it was dark and went home. That sounds kinda lame, but yeah, it's mainly the special treatment you get when you're one of the only people leaving. I got a shirt signed by 60 people and everything. I don't really know what I'm writing about as of now...

Ok, where was I? Oh yeah...um.... Last day of primary school was also incredible, I felt like I had all the best friends in the world. Now I talk to only 2 of those people; one of them is one of my best friends (though after spending years away apart from occasional visits, we really have both completely changed from each other), and the other goes to my school now, though I don't actually talk to her much, if at all. I used to hang out with loads more of my primary school friends, but they've all turned into horrible chavs with gangs that go around mugging people...or I just don't see them anymore.

The last day of year 10 (at this school) was horrible for me and I don't know why. Well, I think it was because I'd completely distanced myself from loads of people I used to know. It's like...I have to try and keep relations up, otherwise within weeks they fall apart. How crappy is that? How you have to try to stay friends with someone. This happens all the time, I'm gonna see all the friends I've stuck with:

Primary School:

Virtually no one, except a very cool guy called Jamil. But y'know, even then, I only see him about twice a year.

Secondary School:

Oran and Luke come to mine regularly, but I don't speak to anyone else. I speak to Alec occasionally on msn, sometimes Josh, but that's it. I'm only gonna count 2.

So that's 3 friends I have from other places, that I stay in contact with (as in seeing them face to face). That's seriously not much at all, especially considering how many friends I had while I was in those schools.

I predict that by the time I leave this school, my friends will include:

  • Anthony
  • Micah
  • Christian
  • Zak
  • Liam
And no one else. The thing is though, I can imagine that list being narrowed down to just Zak, because he lives incredibly close to me which is awesome. I also think I'd see Anthony a lot; he lives far away but he's my best friend so I'm not gonna just stop seeing him. I think I'll probably still see Christian, Liam, and Micah, but I also thought that about Alec, Josh, Joanne, Leo etc and I don't see any of them. Weird.

This whole blog is a joke, btw. I'm pretending that I'm mad about this, when I'm not. I don't care about who I see, if I'll "drift away from my precious friends" or whatever the hell I'm talking about now. I'm still mad about that thing that I refuse to mention (though the theme seems obvious), but I don't actually want to write about that, so I wrote about this instead. I don't really care about everything I've wrote up there ^^^, though I am more sad at the end of this year than my previous years, and I do miss my old friends that I don't see.



Ok, so it turns out that everything I wrote isn't a joke, it does sadden me actually, but y'know. I'm not as sad about it as I pretended I was, I'm trying to justify my sadness by pretending to be EXTRA sad about something big, like having not many friends from old places, but really I'm just sad that I didn't get a fuckin' hug. This is why I'm so vague, because that's one of the reasons for my anger and it just makes my whole blog seem pathetic. Oops.

But really, I'd love a hug any time soon. I haven't had one at all for about 3 weeks, and it's getting annoying. I also haven't had a serious conversation (that isn't just jokes) in a long time, except with Zak, but it was short and not much was discussed. All I could think about was how I was cold, also. That was fun though, trying to get home for an hour at 11pm is quite fun when you're with someone you know.

So yeah...other things...

I think I'm going to fail my ICT GCSE. By "think" I mean "know", but it's the only thing I'm going to fail. I hope I get an A in maths, and I want to get an A in english also. I'm also pretty confident that I'm gonna get a distinction in art, which is basically 4 GCSEs of A* which is awesome. Yeah. Work is hard as of now, and I'm mega stressed, but work is only 10% of that stress. I'm coping pretty well.

I have £400 saved up, and I feel like I should buy something. Not sure what though; maybe a good microphone that makes my voice sound like velvet; maybe a tablet? I'm not sure. I don't want to spend much because I don't like spending money because I feel like I could have bought something much more important for cheaper etc. Yeah. Maybe GTA4 lolololol. Everyone's going crazy for that game, and it looks awesome, but there's something about GTA that has never appealed to me. I think I need my games to be more imaginative than as real as possible. I'm not slagging off GTA here, the games are great, just not my thing. I'll be getting GTA4 though.

And here I am, talking about GTA. This probably means I've gone on too long. Anthony keeps bugging me to go on the phone, hopefully he's gonna tell me that I can go to his house tomorrow and stay the night. I kinda really, really, wanna get away from here for a little bit.

This is my longest blog yet. This is smashing.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Today destroyed me

Completely and utterly destroyed me in more ways than I thought I would be. Wasn't prepared at all. The only good thing is this picture I drew:

It's a man... well, not really a man. He's screaming about something, I don't really know what but it's kind of a funny picture that I had an impulse to do. He looks like he's chanting or something yep. What a massive hero.

Don't you hate it when you go in a shop, get something, and then go to the counter, and the guy there is like "WUN PUND PLZ" and I'm like "what?" and yeah. I don't know how much money he wants so I just kinda give it a gamble. It's embarrassing when the thing I'm buying is like 70p and I pay him with two £1 coins. Well, actually, it shouldn't be embarrassing; it's his fault.

This blog is shit. I'm trying to not make it boring and ramble, but I'm wanting to keep what I'm rambling about a secret and thus making it mega vague and boring. I do that a lot like my last blog. Who honestly cares about what I'm talking about if I don't actually say? I'll tell ya who...someone with no life. I'm actually doing it again, boo.

So yeah... I'm writing a song right now. It will probably be a really lame song, but I hope not. I want to make it good, because it will be better writing a song than ranting about nothing here. It's kinda based around C chord so far; it's 'cos I was playing along to true love waits on piano and played something else that sounded nice. I then transfered this to guitar, it was kinda pretty. I'll probably find out soon that I ripped off another song, again. This happens far too much, I've ripped off "Nice Dream", "Knives Out" and "2+2=5", all accidentally. I know I said that I made this while playing to true love waits, but it doesn't sound like, so currently it is not a rip off.

It was my cat's birthday today; she's 9 years old and still a kitten, honestly. She was really happy when I came home which was really nice. Yeah. What a lame blog. Atleast it's a decent length though *shrugs*.