Sunday, 18 May 2008

I'm going to get possibly boring things out of the way first

And by boring, I probably mean stuff that I don't usually write. Anyway, first things first:


I'm doing my exams now...and probably most of you that read my blog (but not Dom cos he does not have GCSEs cos he's in another country and is older than me hey Dom I know you from that ugmo place that is the end of the bracket bye).

So yeah, I had an art exam last monday and tuesday (I did a painting), lasting 10 hours in total. I only got about 8 hours for mine though, because the first hour was painting the whole board white and waiting for it to dry, and the next was drawing on the board with pencil. Both of these were meant to be done before the exam, but when I got there early to do this, I got "board carrying duty", carrying all the canvases (they were large) from one building to another. I got help though, of course, but yeah. Annoying.

The other bad thing was that I was also meant to project the photoshop (that I was drawing from) onto the board, but the projector wouldn't stay open (it's a broken piece of shit) so I had to just draw it free hand really quickly. I actually had to sit down for 5 minutes because everything had just gone horribly wrong right from the start. After that though, when I actually began the whole "painting" part, it all went fine, and I finished 10 mins early anyway.

So yeah. Nothing else interesting exam wise, but I did manage to mention Thom Yorke in my citizenship exam. Y'see, I was answering a question about pressure groups, and I mentioned the "Big Ask Campaign" and how pressure groups may be popular with young people as they're backed up by celebrities (such as Thom Thom). Another person also did this (Fearghall) so then we high fived after the exam.

Rest in Psychotic peace, Psychoholiday:

Psychoholiday, the private uploader to a site I've been on, has permanently closed down after two and a half years of loyal service. I miss it already, man. It was perfect, it was the only uploader that my school hadn't blocked, and lots of little memories over the past 2 years had been conviniently stacked in one place. *Salutes it*. I guess I'll have to use google pages or something now, which won't be nearly as cool.

Bioshock? On MY PS3 and theaters?

Bioshock (my favourite game for years) is going to be ported to the PS3, it has recently been announced. I really shouldn't care (and, well, I don't), as I don't have a PS3, but hopefully I can get Oran to get this game now. It's brilliant.

More importantly, however, is that there's going to be a Bioshock movie now. It's gonna be made by Universal Pictures and directed by the guy that directed Pirates of the Carribean. I'm not sure if this film will suck or be completely awesome, probably the former, but I'll most likely enjoy it. I'm not sure what it's gonna be though. A sequel? A prequel? We'll see.

And now for the usual stuff

I'm not feeling as down as I have been for the past weeks, mainly because exams have started. Why would that make you happy, you say? Well, because after weeks of being stressed about "being thrown into the fire", I'm actually in the fire now, and it's not so bad (better if anything; I come in, write things down, and leave, with in 2 hours or so). Now, instead of looking ahead and seeing exams, I'm looking ahead and seeing holidays, because the exams will be over soon, and there's a 2 week break inbetween anyway.

Also, I think I should add, I'm over that "anonymous" "vague" thing I always rambled about for the past few blogs. All the "care" I had about that subject is now gone, hopefully forever. I can tick that off of my "to do list" now. I actually have a to do list, conviniently located amongst a sea of myspace blogs, that I actually update (by form of commenting them) if I've done any of these. I'm pleased to see that I've done most of these, which is neat.

Haha, actually this just reminded me of something...

I found my old diary

Yep, that's right folks, before I started writing myspace blogs, and eventually this blogspot blog, I used to have a diary... It's hilariously bad. I'm so ashamed of what I used to say. The only good thing about it is entries that would simply consist of "*insert name here* is a cunt". Those ones were fantastic. The rest, however, is basically a bunch of bollocks crammed into a blender, with the resulting product sprawled onto paper. I even drew fuckin' EMO drawings. What the hell? This isn't me.

It was funny looking back, though. It's from 2006, and even though that's not all that far away, I'd forgotten a lot of events. Fun. I might start writing in it again; it's like this blog except that I am never vague about anything, and it's covered in doodles of sonic and DEREk.

And, once again, I'm reminded of things that I had once forgotten...

Lips the Fish and Alien Potato used to go hand in hand

I know what you're thinking. It's either "What?" or "Who the fuck are this fish and potato". I'll explain briefly:

Alien Potato and Lips the Fish are characters from cartoons that I make, conviniently titled as "Lips the Fish" and "Alien Potato". What I had forgotten though, is something different. I recently was looking through my old school planners, and I found doodles of them. Not only did I remember that Alien Potato was actually based on a doodle I did from a character from an anime on cartoon network, but that Lips and Alien Potato actually came from the same series.

Originally, after creating Alien Potato, I decided to make a bunch of companions for him. One of them was Eric the bird (though I think this was actually a girl), Jim the Caterpillar, and then Lips the fish. I did comics about this and everything. Now, when I made the Lips cartoons, I'd completely forgotten that he used to be a part of the Alien Potato crew, haha.

As a result of this, Lips will not be in the Alien Potato cartoon. Why's this? Because the Lips of the original Alien Potato was different. For one, he could walk, and talk, and fight. Lips, in his own cartoon, is presented as a cowardly thing that can swim fast and crash into rocks. They've essentially branched off as 2 different characters. I'll probably make another character for the Alien Potato series, instead.

Still, it was nice to remember this. This blog was a bit different to usual because I have nothing to moan about, and if you aren't aware of Lips or Alien Potato then you will not get it, but yeah.

Oh yeah

I've decided that Amnesiac is my favourite album ever. The reason is pretty simple, and I would go on about it, but I wont: No other album sounds like this. Atleast not that I'm aware of. Cool. Bye.



Dom Kelly said...

By the director of Pirates of the Carribean? Pfft. It'll suck, I'm afraid.

Captain Jack Bz > Captain Jack Sparrow. THAT SAID, Captain Jack Harkness > Captain Jack Sparrow, and Captain Jack Harkness > Captain Jack Bz. Er. Wait. I'm lost.

Aaaanyway, Sprinkles the Naughty Caterpillar > that other caterpillar you mentioned. But no alien vegetable could possibly be cooler than Alien Potato, so that is alright then.

Since you wrote your longest blog ever, I am determined to write my longest reply ever in response. Er... I'm doing a Plot Condense of Friday the 13th. It's such a shite movie! I mean, maybe not as bad as Bioshock might turn out, but I mean, really.

Do a Plot Condense, I dare you. You can even do ones of 3dmm films, you know. Or even Kate Ashby. Condense the plot of a 1 minute Kate Ashby episode. That's actually probably the hardest challenge I've ever issued to you.

Speaking of challenges issued-to-each-other, I do one day need to look up brown water. The problem is, now, whenever I think of brown water, I get flashes of Scott-fuelled-racism. I mean, the water skin colour majority is like... well, it's not white. Otherwise we'd all be drinking, uh... you know.



And Headphones. You know that webcomic, Cyanide and Happiness? Bown should make his own webcomic called Milk and Headphones. Innit.

I think that's probably long enough. So, I shall say goodbye by saying...


Anthony said...

This blog is full of wonderfully painted english. For example, sea of myspace blogs and erm, thats about it. Plus, you should post lips and alien potoato on here.

Anthony said...

Damn, Dom beat me at trying to write the longest reply!

Dom Kelly said...

I am sorry, my president. I will never look so verbose in front of you ever again.

(Mind you, Bush is hardly the best wordsmith. I think maybe all presidents are -)



Anonymous said...

from zak
what you neglected to mention was that i was that person who helped you and that because of this i could not set myself up for the exam... at the end of the exam i was not finshed so thanks a lot for makeing me a slave with you J.K. i got my own back on you though whilst geting my inconsiderat jurck level up lol

yes so it good that your over that thing that you keept banging on about because now you are free.

well i think this was one of you best blogs so well done and i also feel good that we are in the exams and geting them out of the way...
i just hope i get a better grade then you in everything so that i can rub your noise in it and beat you like ambeint J.K. well see you at the cinama tomorow

christian said...

I had a similar predicament in my art exam. Their so unorganized. We had to carry our own boards up. I was ok because I wasn't working but but if I was...anyway this has been a good blog so keep it up