Thursday, 1 May 2008

Today destroyed me

Completely and utterly destroyed me in more ways than I thought I would be. Wasn't prepared at all. The only good thing is this picture I drew:

It's a man... well, not really a man. He's screaming about something, I don't really know what but it's kind of a funny picture that I had an impulse to do. He looks like he's chanting or something yep. What a massive hero.

Don't you hate it when you go in a shop, get something, and then go to the counter, and the guy there is like "WUN PUND PLZ" and I'm like "what?" and yeah. I don't know how much money he wants so I just kinda give it a gamble. It's embarrassing when the thing I'm buying is like 70p and I pay him with two £1 coins. Well, actually, it shouldn't be embarrassing; it's his fault.

This blog is shit. I'm trying to not make it boring and ramble, but I'm wanting to keep what I'm rambling about a secret and thus making it mega vague and boring. I do that a lot like my last blog. Who honestly cares about what I'm talking about if I don't actually say? I'll tell ya who...someone with no life. I'm actually doing it again, boo.

So yeah... I'm writing a song right now. It will probably be a really lame song, but I hope not. I want to make it good, because it will be better writing a song than ranting about nothing here. It's kinda based around C chord so far; it's 'cos I was playing along to true love waits on piano and played something else that sounded nice. I then transfered this to guitar, it was kinda pretty. I'll probably find out soon that I ripped off another song, again. This happens far too much, I've ripped off "Nice Dream", "Knives Out" and "2+2=5", all accidentally. I know I said that I made this while playing to true love waits, but it doesn't sound like, so currently it is not a rip off.

It was my cat's birthday today; she's 9 years old and still a kitten, honestly. She was really happy when I came home which was really nice. Yeah. What a lame blog. Atleast it's a decent length though *shrugs*.


Dom Kelly said...

cool a cat

Haha about the song; it took me two years to stop writing things that sounded like Muse. I didn't even realise I was doing it, either.

"Who honestly cares about what I'm talking about if I don't actually say?"

I do! I do!

"I'll tell ya who...someone with no life."

Oh... ouch.

Anonymous said...

zak says:

well the was intrsting i did't actuly read it but intresting
i'm off to see a marrathon of peep show on 4od so see you