Saturday, 24 May 2008

Reasons why I love Pyramid Song

Christ it's late. Anyway, yeah, I've always thought of Pyramid Song as being a very happy song rather than deathly and ghostly, even though it is. I'm just saying this because of a post made by Dom on Ugmo:

I think the reason why I see it as one of the happiest songs of all time is because, as I mentioned in great deal in a previous blog, death is by far my biggest fear. I believe that once you die, it's the end; you will never experience any type of thought or emotion ever again. What does this have to do with anything? Well, Pyramid Song, to me, is describing the journey of dying and going to heaven. The line "nothing to fear, nothing to doubt" is exactly what I want, I don't want to fear death or doubt that I go to heaven, but I do in a significant manner. The song fills me with a sort of emotion that I want but am never going to really feel.

Ehhh, sounds really kinda lame. I'm getting into the song too much, I know. To summarise: when I die, I want the events described in Pyramid Song to happen to me, even though I don't think they will, but I still want it and listening to the song kinda gives me that illusion, it's strong imagery, it's immersive. But then again, there's obviously the whole side that I can't explain: the music. It's a musical materpiece, filled with odd piano chords, weird time signatures, amazing drums, the whole orchestra thing. Yeah, so, it's got an amazing concept and amazing music, all coming together for a wonderful song. Lovely.

Right, that's that then. I promise not to write about Radiohead for a while, haha. On the brightside, this is a pretty short blog; rejoice! I'm also developing a bit more of a writing skill recently, I've never reviewed an album before but I think I did a good job with not too much effort. This might help with my upcoming English exams, too. Nice.

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