Tuesday, 29 January 2008

This might be a lame blog, I'm not sure

I wish I could write songs, beyond the random chords and lyrics about teenage love I mean. Haha, also every time I write something that sounds nice, I will find another song (usually by Radiohead) that I completely and subconsciously ripped off of. This has happened lots of times. Maybe I should just ignore it? I might just be hearing similarities because I am stupid and paranoid about my own music I write. Poop.

Something I just don't understand...writing one amazing song is an amazing thing to do...how the hell do people write album after album of great music, by themselves? It's one of the greatest talents in the world, I would sell my carpet for this skill (my carpet is not so great lololol why am I saying carpet). This is honestly what I would want to do, and play aswell.

COOL FACT: When I was young, I made my own cereal. The cereal was chopped bananas, milk, and sugar. It was amazing and anyone who disagrees isn't smart.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Monday, 21 January 2008


One day, everything that we have seen or ever will see will be gone. Everything! Weird huh? Every plant will die, every animal will die, every human will die. Our decayed won't even remain here for very long, because 5 billion years the later the sun will most likely explode, causing the earth to pretty much get destroyed completley. Not even memories or memorials will last, they'll all get completely burned. We probably won't be able to escape our solar system either, the nearest star is light years away (so it would take us years to get there while traveling at the fastest possible speed achievable constantly).

Also, if the universe has a fixed size (I think), this would mean that the universe would stop expanding and would start collapsing into itself, like an anti big bang. This would make it completely impossible to escape from anything, all the stars and earth would be approaching the same point. Of course, (though I think this is impossible) we could MAYBE make a way to go back in time? Of course, then, we'd just make an infinite amount of people and the universe would strangely eventually be completely filled with people if we kept going back over and over to escape death.

People could say "Well, when we die we'll all be in heaven anyway". I don't believe in God, or heaven, so I don't think we're gonna go there when we die, I guess. It would be nice though, if after life we just spend eternity being constantly happy. It's a nice dream.

I have no idea what I'm even saying anymore. I think it's pretty obvious everyone's gonna die one day. This isn't meant to be depressing or anything, I'm just saying what will happen!

I read in the metro that in 10000 years a star 100 light years or so away will have a supernova, and there will be blue light in the sky for years. I think this is awesome personally, unless it somehow causes health damage.

Yep. Eating pasta right now. It's quite yummy.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

I am meant to be writing engish right now

But I have nothing to write about. It's meant to be an autobiographical piece, so naturally, I have nothing to write about. Maybe I can right about what a lovely day I had one time. We aren't aloud to use real names either...hmmmm.

One day I woke up and went to school at school there was Miss Pencil "HELLO MISS PENCIL" I SAID she said "Hello Jock" and I was like "OMG". Yeah....nah I won't write that because it is stupid. I might write it about that time I was dropped on my head by my brother. We were like wrestling and stuff, I was seven years old I think, but yeah then bam on my head and it hurt and I cried and went to hospital lololol. I dunno how to spread that one moment out to an essay though. We'll see how it goes, eh?

This weekend I have done nothing more than try to write songs on guitar. Well, by write songs I mean like random riffs and chords that sound alright...eeeeeh. I have no experience with this kinda thing I guess. One day I will make a song about something cool and I'll be a billionaire. Gah, the thing is I just don't know where to start. Some site (two, actually) said to start with the title. I think that's kinda dumb because lots of songs' titles change drastically all the time, and some great songs (like Paranoid Android) had lyrics and a title written after the music I think. Bleh.

So...I have no completed all the achievements in Bioshock! I say, a celebration is in order! *celebrates*. It's definitely the best game on xbox 360, the only video game I've been really into for a long while. I want a sequel...now! GO ON!

Friday, 18 January 2008

This is a lame blog

I've always wanted to share dreams. No, I don't mean like "my dream is to be remembered forever" or "my dream is to meet Radiohead and Muse at once", I mean like...sleeping dreams.

I wish there was a device that you could wear (or not wear? Maybe it could be used differently) that would mean you could share dreams with another person, while you sleep. I've had dreams of me with other people, doing crazy stuff like running away from various dangers or going back to primary school and stuff. I just think it would be cool, not if that was really happening, but that the other person would have dreamt the exact same thing in their own perspective.

Of course, this would all be impossible. I imagine it might be possible one day to have the same dream from the same perspective, but not different perspectives because that would mean that the dream would be an actual 3d thing...so yeah maybe I'm wrong but I think not.

Anyway, I don't think this will ever happen. What will happen, and I believe will happen soon, is virtual reality. This would pretty much be the same thing, but...ehhhh. It would be monitored, you'd probably choose what setting you want and stuff...It wouldn't be as MAGICAL. You know what I mean, I'm sure.

Actually, writing this blog, I am already seeing a downside to this. It would be too personal, and some dreams may be embarrassing. Haha, like, imagine if you are with your partner and try the "shared dream device" and in the dream, all you can think about is her naked best friend? That would probably not be so good for you.

This blog is kinda lame. *Changes blog title to more appropriate one*

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Gonna go over this again briefly

By "go over this again" I mean I've written about this in other places. I haven't actually blogged about it on this site. Anyway...

It has occurred to me that some people still reguard the original moon landings as "fake" and a "conspiracy" by the government to win the space race against Russia. Nope. Unlike the last time I wrote about this, I'm not going to go into massive paragraphs over the matter.

Read all of this if you really think the moon landings were faked

In short:

There are no stars because stars are not bright objects. If you went outside and took a picture of the night sky, you'd see no stars.

The flag is not waving, the astronauts deliberately held it and let go so it appeared waving in the photo. Y'know, just 'cos it would look better then the flag just drooping there. Do you honestly think NASA would publish a photo of the flag where it's waving by a one off breeze in the set?

Those are the main two arguments most people use. See how easily they're debunked? If you say "No way Jack, you're lame! Those explanations are too simple!" then read the article for much more detailed explanations from an actual scientist.

Alright, that is the end of that.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

About to see "BIG: the musical"

Micah is next to me. He's reading what I say. He just sniffed my ear as a joke. His hair is full of strawberry fantasticness. He just said "That wasn't a joke, if this is the way you see my emotions..." HOW HILARIOUS.

Enough about Micah.

I got my ticket to this free. Christian had 2 free and gave them to me; I then went on a quest to find a suitable heir to my free ticket. I trialed Micah, Anthony, and Zak. Zak said "no", so yeah...I WAS going to give it to Anthony, but then Christian took a ticket off me and gave it to Micah. I HAVE TO GO WITH MICAH NOW EUUUUGH. Oh well, it is me Micah and Ellie anyway.

Cool thing: History teacher likes Radiohead/In Rainbows and was listening to it today. He now has a valued opinion! Cool. I feel like I should be writing about something important...*asks Ellie for important topic*

"When people are in comas, how do we know that WE'RE not just in comas"

What a stupid thing to say. FUCKING ELLIE. I'm gonna be aggressive because she's right next to me but isn't reading what I'm saying. How do we know we're not in comas? HOW DO WE KNOW WE'RE NOT IN THE MATRIX OMG!?

Well...y'know. We can learn things, we can feel things. I DUNNO but y'know, we can't disprove it but it doesn't make it more likely that it's true. Meh, even if it is true (which isn't), who cares. Shut up Micah. He is next to me but not reading I'm gonna insult him. What an arsehole. He wears a scarf lalllalaal and he is in media. What kind of person is in media anyway?

The end!

Monday, 14 January 2008

This quote just makes me laugh

"My friend Leo first witnessed Radiohead sometime around 1997, when it was still possible to be unfamiliar with Radiohead. They were performing "Paranoid Android" on MTV2, and he was instantly captivated by Thom Yorke's unusual vocals. He was deeply touched by the singer; the squinty eye, the tremulous warbling and mumbling and the facial contortions, the gimpy walk. He reasonably gleaned that this was some sort of "Make a Wish" style charity event, and that Thom Yorke was actually a mentally disabled man who was living his dream of singing with a rock band. Not only was Leo sincerely convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Thom Yorke was retarded, he was so touched by a lingering close-up of the palsied singer that he was moved to tears. I can only imagine his embarrassment when he found out that Thom Yorke is not technically retarded. "

I mean, you probably won't find this funny at all if you're not familiar with Radiohead/Thom Yorke but hahhahaha. I can understand, but... still. He doesn't look THAT disabled.

Today, on the bus, I had to sit next to a homeless man (I assume he was anyway). He smelt a bit bad. I mean, no big deal, so the guy smells? He's homeless, give him a break. It's just, at one point, he leaned forwards a bit. I assumed he was looking out the window or something. That was until a horrible stench entered my nostrils. Yeah, he just kinda did a silent but deadly fart. Yeah it was bad but I got off the next stop anyway. Yeah.


For some reason I can't seem to recall anything further than the fart...I guess it's because my day was not so great but still much more important things happened then a tramp farting.

Well, I guess that's the beauty of my blogs. I go straight from an introduction about me, to evolution, to farts. Next blog will probably be about ponies.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Now that I've gotten the intro out of the way:

I can start writing proper blogs about proper subjects. COOL. It's currently 11:19am, so yes it is tomorrow. I'm kinda hesitant to write about this, but oh well.

Somethings really annoy me. I mean the kind of things when I'm like "why do people believe this?"

Some examples are star signs (though yes, most people are just curious than actually believing them), fate, ghosts etc. Some more controversial ones would be God (though I don't really find believing in god annoying as such, just some people who reject what we know today in favour of what their religion says.) and uh the fact that people don't believe in evolution I guess?

I hate it when people reject logic for opinions. I don't mean stupid petty things, I mean like people who reject evolution because they like to think they're really special and that life didn't start out as single celled organisms. It's people who think that them wanting something somehow has an impact on its truth. The kind of "there's overwhelming evidence to say this happened, but I don't want to believe it happened so it didn't" kind of logic.

This is what I mean when I'm saying I hate when opinions get in the way of logic. Sometimes, opinions matter (almost all the time they matter, actually) but opinion has nothing to do with science or how physics work. It never will. The reason I'm saying I'm hesitant on posting this is because my friend got mad at for saying this, but it's part of who I am. I will never, ever, ever, EVER, respect an opinion from someone saying that something didn't happen when it DID and every scientist agrees. If somebody told me to respect their opinion that gravity didn't exist, I wouldn't respect it for example.

This is a quote that sums up EXACTLY what I don't believe.

"His purpose is not ideological, however. Instead, he proposes that it is the free will to choose or reject the logical as well as the illogical that makes mankind human. He adds: "I admit that two times two makes four is an excellent thing, but if we are to give everything its due, two times two makes five is sometimes a very charming thing too."

Y'know, I'm never going to agree with this. We should deny what we know sometimes because it makes us human? No it doesn't make us human, it makes us stupid. I'm never going to deny that 2+2=4 so I can be human enough for people. Nope.

Saturday, 12 January 2008


Hi. I'm Jack and this is my first blog here (as you can tell). I have a discontinued a MySpace blog I had, but I discontinued it because, well:

1. I am narcissistic enough to think my opinions warrant attention from those other than my friends (well, not really but comments from people other than the same 3 awesome guys would be cool).

2. 100 is a nice number to end on, don't you think?

Well, actually I'm lying. I'm going to make one last blog there. A closing blog and a movie of some sorts with my best buddy Anthony. It will probably be terrible but y'know, who cares all that much. Pfffft, Firefox has underlined "y'know" in red, even though I know it's a real word...whatever.

So anyway, here I will put my opinions on things, maybe write about a particularly interesting day to me (and try and make it interesting to others.) I've been told that my blogs are quite interesting even when I talk about nothing.

Uh, a little about me:

  • I have strong opinions about a lot of things, but hardly ever voice them to people other then my close friends. I don't know why, a lot of the time I don't want to voice an opinion but just talk about something else.
  • I love music and my favourite bands are Radiohead and Muse. I play guitar and am alright but I want lessons again because I'm getting more into it daily.
  • I love art, it's what I'm best at. I do this at the Brit school which has taught me lots of cool things in art (such as teaching me how to oil paint, awesome).
  • Linking to the art thing, I love making flash cartoons. It's a hobby. The only ones I've released (not openly or anything) are Lips the Fish 1, 2 and 3. 4 is completed but unreleased due to some things I need.
  • If my dreams could come true, I'd be in a famous band like Radiohead. If what I'm training for comes true, I'll be some kind of artist, preferably an animator but I want to know how much they get paid.
  • I think to myself a lot. I have debates with myself in my head a lot. Weird, huh?

    Cool, that's some stuff about me anyway. Not many people, people I meet I mean, know me very well because I can be very shy. Sometimes I'm not shy at all though, but this is rare.

    OK! Well, that's the first blog. Might blog tomorrow, but most likely future blogs will not be a daily thing.