Tuesday, 15 January 2008

About to see "BIG: the musical"

Micah is next to me. He's reading what I say. He just sniffed my ear as a joke. His hair is full of strawberry fantasticness. He just said "That wasn't a joke, if this is the way you see my emotions..." HOW HILARIOUS.

Enough about Micah.

I got my ticket to this free. Christian had 2 free and gave them to me; I then went on a quest to find a suitable heir to my free ticket. I trialed Micah, Anthony, and Zak. Zak said "no", so yeah...I WAS going to give it to Anthony, but then Christian took a ticket off me and gave it to Micah. I HAVE TO GO WITH MICAH NOW EUUUUGH. Oh well, it is me Micah and Ellie anyway.

Cool thing: History teacher likes Radiohead/In Rainbows and was listening to it today. He now has a valued opinion! Cool. I feel like I should be writing about something important...*asks Ellie for important topic*

"When people are in comas, how do we know that WE'RE not just in comas"

What a stupid thing to say. FUCKING ELLIE. I'm gonna be aggressive because she's right next to me but isn't reading what I'm saying. How do we know we're not in comas? HOW DO WE KNOW WE'RE NOT IN THE MATRIX OMG!?

Well...y'know. We can learn things, we can feel things. I DUNNO but y'know, we can't disprove it but it doesn't make it more likely that it's true. Meh, even if it is true (which isn't), who cares. Shut up Micah. He is next to me but not reading I'm gonna insult him. What an arsehole. He wears a scarf lalllalaal and he is in media. What kind of person is in media anyway?

The end!

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lalalala I READ A BLOG.