Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Gonna go over this again briefly

By "go over this again" I mean I've written about this in other places. I haven't actually blogged about it on this site. Anyway...

It has occurred to me that some people still reguard the original moon landings as "fake" and a "conspiracy" by the government to win the space race against Russia. Nope. Unlike the last time I wrote about this, I'm not going to go into massive paragraphs over the matter.

Read all of this if you really think the moon landings were faked

In short:

There are no stars because stars are not bright objects. If you went outside and took a picture of the night sky, you'd see no stars.

The flag is not waving, the astronauts deliberately held it and let go so it appeared waving in the photo. Y'know, just 'cos it would look better then the flag just drooping there. Do you honestly think NASA would publish a photo of the flag where it's waving by a one off breeze in the set?

Those are the main two arguments most people use. See how easily they're debunked? If you say "No way Jack, you're lame! Those explanations are too simple!" then read the article for much more detailed explanations from an actual scientist.

Alright, that is the end of that.

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