Monday, 21 January 2008


One day, everything that we have seen or ever will see will be gone. Everything! Weird huh? Every plant will die, every animal will die, every human will die. Our decayed won't even remain here for very long, because 5 billion years the later the sun will most likely explode, causing the earth to pretty much get destroyed completley. Not even memories or memorials will last, they'll all get completely burned. We probably won't be able to escape our solar system either, the nearest star is light years away (so it would take us years to get there while traveling at the fastest possible speed achievable constantly).

Also, if the universe has a fixed size (I think), this would mean that the universe would stop expanding and would start collapsing into itself, like an anti big bang. This would make it completely impossible to escape from anything, all the stars and earth would be approaching the same point. Of course, (though I think this is impossible) we could MAYBE make a way to go back in time? Of course, then, we'd just make an infinite amount of people and the universe would strangely eventually be completely filled with people if we kept going back over and over to escape death.

People could say "Well, when we die we'll all be in heaven anyway". I don't believe in God, or heaven, so I don't think we're gonna go there when we die, I guess. It would be nice though, if after life we just spend eternity being constantly happy. It's a nice dream.

I have no idea what I'm even saying anymore. I think it's pretty obvious everyone's gonna die one day. This isn't meant to be depressing or anything, I'm just saying what will happen!

I read in the metro that in 10000 years a star 100 light years or so away will have a supernova, and there will be blue light in the sky for years. I think this is awesome personally, unless it somehow causes health damage.

Yep. Eating pasta right now. It's quite yummy.

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CP said...

I don't know if it'll have a long term effect on health but one thing's for sure. It'll hert in the morning