Friday, 18 January 2008

This is a lame blog

I've always wanted to share dreams. No, I don't mean like "my dream is to be remembered forever" or "my dream is to meet Radiohead and Muse at once", I mean like...sleeping dreams.

I wish there was a device that you could wear (or not wear? Maybe it could be used differently) that would mean you could share dreams with another person, while you sleep. I've had dreams of me with other people, doing crazy stuff like running away from various dangers or going back to primary school and stuff. I just think it would be cool, not if that was really happening, but that the other person would have dreamt the exact same thing in their own perspective.

Of course, this would all be impossible. I imagine it might be possible one day to have the same dream from the same perspective, but not different perspectives because that would mean that the dream would be an actual 3d yeah maybe I'm wrong but I think not.

Anyway, I don't think this will ever happen. What will happen, and I believe will happen soon, is virtual reality. This would pretty much be the same thing, but...ehhhh. It would be monitored, you'd probably choose what setting you want and stuff...It wouldn't be as MAGICAL. You know what I mean, I'm sure.

Actually, writing this blog, I am already seeing a downside to this. It would be too personal, and some dreams may be embarrassing. Haha, like, imagine if you are with your partner and try the "shared dream device" and in the dream, all you can think about is her naked best friend? That would probably not be so good for you.

This blog is kinda lame. *Changes blog title to more appropriate one*

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