Friday, 28 March 2008

My mood always reflects the weather

That's pathetic fallacy for ya I guess. Man I love that phrase, and you can guess why...alright. PHALLUS. There.

Yeah, for you curious people, today was really wet and cold. Yesterday was sunny, really sunny, like summer. Nothing particularly stood out as good, but I can't help but feel it was a good day when it's sunny and everyone is happy.

Today (as I said) was really wet and cold. It was going alright until the end, when things happened that I'm not gonna go into. Except the buses, eugh. I get on, and then a few stops later, he tells everyone to get off. I see him drive forward, and then he lets people on the next bus stop get on, and drives off. Why did he need to make everyone get off? There were about 5 people on the bus.Really annoying, especially when I forgot to get off the next bus at the right stop (which was my fault though, thinking about things.)

So yeah, when I got home I found out something cool. I can plug in a microphone to my guitar effects peddle. This = very very fun to much around with. Cool.

And my yearbook caption is "Hello, friend!".

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Hahahaha, hmmm

Reading back at my blogs...I seem like a horribly depressed person. I'm not, I swear! I think I just don't ever feel like writing blogs when I'm happy; I usually have better things to continue what I am doing to make me happy. I guess, I just assume that no one wants to read blogs about me being happy. That's pretty stupid of me though, because just because I'm happy doesn't mean I have to write about being happy. Silly Jack Bz.

So yeah. I think the reason these blogs aren't usually funny is because I feel like I have to write about serious subjects. The original reason I created this blog was to write about something that would seem totally out of place on my MySpace blog. Yeah, if you go back and read, it was about evolution etc. I guess, I also felt that the rest of my blogs needed to have a similar tone/subject (which was basically me expressing my views about controversial things etc). Now I just think, y'know, I am just gonna write whenever, and the topic doesn't have to be a work of art (these days they haven't been anyway. I've just been posting youtube videos).

So yeah, how was my day? It was nice. It's my sister's 20th birthday, so we all went to a Thai restaurant to eat nice food. I'd never eaten Thai cuisine before, so it was rather lovely.

I've been very interested in piano recently (or my keyboard to be more precise). I've successfully learned the intro to Pyramid Song, and the verse to Last Flowers (both songs by Radiohead). I'm quite proud because I've never really tried playing piano before, but I searched some how to videos on youtube (well, for Pyramid song I just looked at some tabs). I also tried learning Space Dementia. Yeah, it's impossibly hard, and I've given up on that. Not just because I've never had lessons or have that much skill in piano, but because the how to video only shows the introduction, AND she's playing it wrong. Maybe one day though.

I tried writing a song today; it's turning out alright. Strongly inspired by Talk Show Host, but sounds a bit like 2+2=5. Why yes.

That is the end of my wonderful blog of magic.

Friday, 14 March 2008


I'm gonna write some stuff now, I feel I've posted just videos long enough (yes, 2 in a row is too much). So, I hear you ask, why is this blog called "Ok"? It's simple really, when making this blog, it said "Please choose a name for you blog." Me, being the smart alec that I am, said "Ok." as in "Ok, I'll choose a name." Indeedy do.

Seeing as I have nothing to talk about that will make me sound intelligent, I'll talk about my life recently. It's the holidays right now, what have I done? Well...Zak came round to stay the night. We did cool stuff, but the best part was this conversation we had at like 3am. We think alike about so many things, I wonder if he can read minds or what. I also had 3 friends round today, but I didn't enjoy it really; wanted to be left alone. Not that I don't like them, because I do, but every Friday is starting to take its tole on me.

My sister is back from university for a bit. She already caused a bit of an uproar (arguments in the house etc), but I just find it funny now. But yeah, she's not so bad, just sometimes people really don't want to hear what she thinks about everything. Ehhh. Tomorrow we're going to a restaurant I think. Yummy.

Today, for some stupid reason, I was trying to think of regrets I've had in my life. I thought of lots of trivial ones, but I can safely say that the biggest regret I have so far is not choosing music option for GCSE. I love music so much now, I pretty much play guitar/sing/piano constantly (even though I'm only really any good on the guitar). I could actually have a qualification in music...and not another ICT one. It's so annoying though, I could kick my past self. I only started to love music when starting year 10, because I started to like bands like Radiohead and Muse when all I used to listen to was R n' B etc. Not saying R n' B is necessarily bad, just that it really doesn't inspire me, especially for playing guitar.

Alright, cool. Glad I've wrote something.

I love it when a song moves me

This is such a beautiful song, and I wish it was included on In Rainbows. It's much better than House of Cards at the very least. God damn I love I love Radiohead so much, more than any band. Ever.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Oh man, I feel so angry right now

Seriously. This makes me so fucking angry.

WARNING: animal cruelty ahead

What the shit is wrong with people.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Mind Block

My mind is completely blocked. I have nothing to write about in this blog, nothing intelligent anyway. I could always go off about my day like I used to in the old ones, but I want this blog to be more accessible. The other one didn't need to be accessible to everyone because it was a MySpace blog; only people I know would be reading it.

This may seem cheap, but I'm going to just copy a blog I made on my MySpace one. Oh well, at least it's better than me copying a blog from someone else, right? This features my friend Christian as my helper:

Christian says:

"I have to spoon feed you. Machinery, what you hate, perverts, girls not meaning what they say. Take a bunch of these."

What I have to say:

Spoon feeding eh? Must really suck for babies, you can't control when or what you eat, you are just forced food into your mouth by a massive giant. They have lame tricks to make you eat it like "Woah it's a plaaane zooom". Nice job, I know I love to wake up in the morning and have a plane fly right into my mouth wiuehrf.

Machinery? Machinery is fucking awesome. They just do all the jobs we can't be bothered to do anymore, and make this country awesome. Yep. When I grow up I wanna be a machine.

What I hate? I hate a lot of things such as dick heads and being a coward on lots of occasions. Those 2 mainly.

Girls not meaning what they say? Like when they say "I love you" and they mean "I like you for this brief moment of time" or when they tell you they're super man and you find out they aren't? Both piss me off sometimes but the latter more because wtf I tell all my friends I've found super man. Don't chat that shit to me you can't lie about stuff like that.