Friday, 14 March 2008


I'm gonna write some stuff now, I feel I've posted just videos long enough (yes, 2 in a row is too much). So, I hear you ask, why is this blog called "Ok"? It's simple really, when making this blog, it said "Please choose a name for you blog." Me, being the smart alec that I am, said "Ok." as in "Ok, I'll choose a name." Indeedy do.

Seeing as I have nothing to talk about that will make me sound intelligent, I'll talk about my life recently. It's the holidays right now, what have I done? Well...Zak came round to stay the night. We did cool stuff, but the best part was this conversation we had at like 3am. We think alike about so many things, I wonder if he can read minds or what. I also had 3 friends round today, but I didn't enjoy it really; wanted to be left alone. Not that I don't like them, because I do, but every Friday is starting to take its tole on me.

My sister is back from university for a bit. She already caused a bit of an uproar (arguments in the house etc), but I just find it funny now. But yeah, she's not so bad, just sometimes people really don't want to hear what she thinks about everything. Ehhh. Tomorrow we're going to a restaurant I think. Yummy.

Today, for some stupid reason, I was trying to think of regrets I've had in my life. I thought of lots of trivial ones, but I can safely say that the biggest regret I have so far is not choosing music option for GCSE. I love music so much now, I pretty much play guitar/sing/piano constantly (even though I'm only really any good on the guitar). I could actually have a qualification in music...and not another ICT one. It's so annoying though, I could kick my past self. I only started to love music when starting year 10, because I started to like bands like Radiohead and Muse when all I used to listen to was R n' B etc. Not saying R n' B is necessarily bad, just that it really doesn't inspire me, especially for playing guitar.

Alright, cool. Glad I've wrote something.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sometimes I wish and go back and get an art grade. But yeah, remember jack..

"Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it"

I wish I could follow that quote sometimes. Damn quote man!

Dom Kelly said...

"the best part was this conversation we had at like 3am. We think alike about so many things"

OMG HOMOEROTIC (comment courtesy of Gavin OMGers).

I didn't start listening to Muse until year 10 myself! And it took me year 11 to even bother to listen to Radiohead. So you're beating me. Hmm.

Also, I did music at high school and didn't much like it. I then did music at uni and hated it. Maybe this is just me, but I've realised that the idea of doing something you truly love in a way dictated to you by someone else is never going to cause you anything but grief. Now, doing your GSCE or whatever, is the time to start experimenting with mates to see what works and what doesn't, and start thinking about what albums you'd want to write (uh, if you really want to do music, of course...). Then, even if you didn't/don't do music as a subject ever again, you'll never give a shite because you're still a musician!

(Disclaimer: That's the sort of thing I say in response to looking unprofessional, unlearned and crap :) )