Friday, 28 March 2008

My mood always reflects the weather

That's pathetic fallacy for ya I guess. Man I love that phrase, and you can guess why...alright. PHALLUS. There.

Yeah, for you curious people, today was really wet and cold. Yesterday was sunny, really sunny, like summer. Nothing particularly stood out as good, but I can't help but feel it was a good day when it's sunny and everyone is happy.

Today (as I said) was really wet and cold. It was going alright until the end, when things happened that I'm not gonna go into. Except the buses, eugh. I get on, and then a few stops later, he tells everyone to get off. I see him drive forward, and then he lets people on the next bus stop get on, and drives off. Why did he need to make everyone get off? There were about 5 people on the bus.Really annoying, especially when I forgot to get off the next bus at the right stop (which was my fault though, thinking about things.)

So yeah, when I got home I found out something cool. I can plug in a microphone to my guitar effects peddle. This = very very fun to much around with. Cool.

And my yearbook caption is "Hello, friend!".

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