Friday, 18 April 2008

I can't think of anything blog

But I'm told I should keep blogging, so that just might be what I'll do. So uh, here we go I guess:

I can listen to almost any song on the train or bus, and enjoy it. I don't know whether my brain tells me that it's insanely happy to be listening to anything other than the bus engine, or whether things sound better when looking out a window while moving, but all music I listen to is just more enjoyable. I remember one instance listening to songs on shuffle, when a song called "The Gloaming" started playing. I pretty much thought "Wait, isn't this that song that I hate? Why am I enjoying it so much?" and it's since become a favourite (well, I five starred it at least).

If there's one recent improvement to my life, it's my iPod. Listening to music helps me get up in the morning, and the train journeys fly by. A downside, I guess, is that I no longer get the metro (I only read it to pass the time on the way to school), so I guess I'm a little uninformed, but oh well.

I can't wait to sleep tonight, seriously. I haven't had a really good sleep for about a week. Honestly, weekend to me is just "days where you're allowed to sleep until you choose" for me, which is pretty much all I want from them. Well, that's a lie; I'd like to do stuff as well, but the day that happens is the day hell freezes over. IF IT EXISTED HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah hi.

Random things:

I've realised that I thrive on creating things. I don't consider a day well spent unless I have created or at least contributed to creating something, whether that be music, drawing, or even creating a better relationship with a friend (that sounds so, so, incredibly lame, but I guess it's kinda true?) I'm annoying in that I think that I have to do something each day; I can never really relax and do nothing (even though it seems like it, I know. Even creating this blog counts as doing something creative for me). I love the idea that I can make things that other people will like. Creating things for people as presents is also awesome, it's better than buying things (unless the thing is insanely immaculate etc). Why yes.

Right now I am creating 3 cartoons, 3 songs (basically this means that I can remember 3 chord sequences and/or riffs, not that I'm actually making anything worthwhile), and this blog. Why yes. Creating things is one of the coolest things in the world. It's why I changed schools, not enough creating going on there.

Well, I think I'm done. Bye.



Anthony said...

Yeah, me too, I cant wait to go to bed tonight either. Hey, we can be Want to go to bed buddies! Our friendship has been created even better!

Dom Kelly said...

Faggots in this bed.

(I refuse to say "HEY BZ!", on the grounds that you insulted me when you drove past in the car.

Wait, I just did.


Anonymous said...

i know what you mean listening music is so good wilst on the move, i wish i had an ipod becuase that would mean that i could put all of my songs on it but i only have a 1GB phillips mp3

from zak