Monday, 14 January 2008

This quote just makes me laugh

"My friend Leo first witnessed Radiohead sometime around 1997, when it was still possible to be unfamiliar with Radiohead. They were performing "Paranoid Android" on MTV2, and he was instantly captivated by Thom Yorke's unusual vocals. He was deeply touched by the singer; the squinty eye, the tremulous warbling and mumbling and the facial contortions, the gimpy walk. He reasonably gleaned that this was some sort of "Make a Wish" style charity event, and that Thom Yorke was actually a mentally disabled man who was living his dream of singing with a rock band. Not only was Leo sincerely convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Thom Yorke was retarded, he was so touched by a lingering close-up of the palsied singer that he was moved to tears. I can only imagine his embarrassment when he found out that Thom Yorke is not technically retarded. "

I mean, you probably won't find this funny at all if you're not familiar with Radiohead/Thom Yorke but hahhahaha. I can understand, but... still. He doesn't look THAT disabled.

Today, on the bus, I had to sit next to a homeless man (I assume he was anyway). He smelt a bit bad. I mean, no big deal, so the guy smells? He's homeless, give him a break. It's just, at one point, he leaned forwards a bit. I assumed he was looking out the window or something. That was until a horrible stench entered my nostrils. Yeah, he just kinda did a silent but deadly fart. Yeah it was bad but I got off the next stop anyway. Yeah.

For some reason I can't seem to recall anything further than the fart...I guess it's because my day was not so great but still much more important things happened then a tramp farting.

Well, I guess that's the beauty of my blogs. I go straight from an introduction about me, to evolution, to farts. Next blog will probably be about ponies.

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Tom Yorke said...

cant wait for the pony blog!

Reminds me, I was on the bus to day and saw a man with no legs. Can you believe it, no legs! Damn rebel trying to be different.