Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Blog Challenge #1

I have recieved my first blog challenge from one Dominique Kaylee esquire, and unlike him, I'm going to write more than 3 lines about it :@ !! Scroll to the end of my blog for the challenge.

Nothing's been going on recently, except exams, which are very boring. I've also been playing my keyboard a lot more recently (as in, I'm hardly touching my guitar) and I'm trying to make songs. One I'm making now sounds a bit like Morning Bell but its mainly me just mucking around. I need to learn more piano chords off by heart.

Oh and uh, my laptop has been taken away from me because the graphics card isn't working or something. This is annoying yes it is... OH I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE *DOES BLOG CHALLENGE*

"I challenge you to write about faeces, Hitler, and your CD collection - and link all three"

Ok, uh. Faeces eh? Faeces are my least favourite fallen excrement! I don't really know what I'm meant to say about this... kinda reminds me of brown water. Did I just amaze you, Dom? I managed to reference my blog challenge aswell as yours. That takes real skill y'know!

Hitler...he was a huge prick. He also gives things a bad name, e.g, "Evolution only leads to killing people. Did you know hitler believed in evolution and survival of the fittest? That's why the holocaust happened!". EUGH. Hitler was actually pretty good at painting though, backgrounds atleast. Apparently he sucked at painting people though, which is weird because I'm good at painting most things except backgrounds. If we combined our talents we'd be invincible.

My CD collection is pretty pathetic. The first album I ever bought was R Kelly's "The R in Rn'B", because it had "Ignition Remix" on it. Then I think it was Christina Aguillera's "Stripped", then uh...Michael Jackson's "Number Ones". A year later I then bought Greenday's "American Idiot"...I don't listen to any of those anymore...

Then I bought Absolution, and loved it, then Origin of Symmetry (best Muse album), then Showbiz (2nd best), then Hullaballoo. This was the period when I was a Muse maniac. Then, last Christmas, I bought The Bends and Ok Computer. I remember I was pretty much like "...woah". I also got Black Holes and Revelations for Christmas, and initially loved it, but then I got bored of it (because, well, Matt is not good at writing an album related to politics, because it's pretty much "DIE GOVERNMENT DIE BANG BANG").

I then proceded to get more Radiohead albums. Hail to the Thief first, then Amnesiac and Kid A on the same day. Amnesiac is the best album I've ever heard, yep. Those are my only records, but I have lots of music on my laptop/ipod, but most of it is either downloaded/sent to me.

Christ, now I'm meant to link them all into one, aren't I? Ok. Wouldn't it be awesome if Hitler released an album of him defecating? There we go.


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Dom Kelly said...

Certainly a far better attempt at beating the challenge than mine was. Though, Hitler + defecation... I thought that was an easy link.

You are wunhappi camp guy. READ THAT HOW YOU WILL.