Thursday, 12 June 2008

Other places

So it seems my blog's appearing on other sites on the web. Haha, that's making it sound a bit more important than I'm making it out to be. Basically, my blog is linked to on a site that has a list of blogs, and it ranks it in popularity (I'm uh, I'm pretty far down at like the 3 millionth most popular). The coolest link by far is definitely one that was on a page about a Radiohead article, that linked to my Amnesiac review. Sure, my Amnesiac review had next to nothing to do with the article (it was about Radiohead letting people pay what price they wanted for In Rainbows), but it was still cool. It shows that outside people at least occasionally read this thing (or are pretty good/terrible at google).

I'm also pretty happy, I feel like I'm starting to get somewhere, at least a little, with my song that I'm writing. So far it's pretty much the result of listening to "Independence Day" by Elliott Smith on loop, but it doesn't sound too much like it, which is exactly what I want; to be inspired but not completely rip someone off which I do way too much. But I need to write more than just the guitar part, I added some keyboard drums when I recorded the intro and it sounded hilariously bad, so now my next task is to get a program like Sony Acid to add some drums, or something...

...I also broke my guitar string yesterday. Damn. I'm gonna have to write the song on my electric, but when I record, I'm recording on an acoustic. It just sounds better for the type of song, yep. That said, I'm a bit interested in writing songs for an electric guitar. I've tried before, but never really did well. This is because there's so many different tones for guitar that it gets a bit confusing what to do, and like, I'm not skilled at that kind of way of playing. I'm not good at shredding and just general soloing is what I mean, but yeah, I guess that doesn't matter much.

I need to focus on things I can do to the song I'm writing now, rather than waiting to get music programs (which I'll not get until at least the 17th), because then I'll just be on halt. I need to start writing lyrics next, or write more of the guitar stuff, because usually I write something good, and end up just repeatedly playing it over and over 'cos I can't write anything that fits, and I really need to just get out of this continued comfort zone of doing things the same and not trying anything different, y'know. Yeah, this blog is terrible because so far it's basically one giant "note to self", but maybe you'll find it interesting? Doubt it. Maybe. Meh. Words.

...Now on a non musical topic, I really need Metal Gear Solid 4 right now. I don't have a PS3, and I'd feel ridiculous cashing out £400 for basically 1 game, but I'll feel less ridiculous if my brother pays half the amount when he gets back (which would be sometime in July, but then again he has no money right now so it would probably end up being 10 years or so). I hate it when a game I really, really want is out, and I just can't have it. That sounds really childish and pathetic, and well, it is! But y'know, there's nothing wrong with wanting something. It's Smash Bros Brawl all over again, though when that came out, I really couldn't get it because it's not out in Europe (though it will be soon).

Yeah. That'll probably do.


Anthony said...

3 millionth. Wow , Jack, I must say your getting there. You nearly have won! PLUS ps3 is not 400, its like 280 plus getting it pre owned would be even cheaper. Im thinking of getting one very soon, becuase I had a gaming child hood unlike some people. (mad)

Anthony the Winner said...

Wow, look at the Anthony who doesnt have a PS3, I'm so glad I'm not him.