Friday, 5 September 2008

Green Plastic Watering Blog

Don't really know what I'm doing right now. I'm listening to Fake Plastic Trees on repeat while doing my art homework, and now I'm writing this blog. The reason I'm writing a blog is because it's pretty important to document things. I'm not really writing this blog for anyone other than myself. Ok, yeah, basically I've been reading my MySpace blogs (and Anthony's, but I ain't gonna talk about them) for ages now, and man. I am so glad I blogged. Seriously, screw everyone who says it's nerdy, I'm remembering things I'd long forgotten. It really is crazy how I'd forgotten about 90% of everything in those blogs. And that's why I think blogging is important.

Pretty much the only thing I regret about my old blogs is that I didn't write much. A blog that would be considered a long read would normally be about, say, 500 words. My last blog was 2008 words. If I had recorded the days to that level of detail, every That would have seriously been amazing. I'm almost re-considering continuing my MySpace blog, because if I'm honest, they're a lot more interesting to me than this blog, and they get a lot more comments. I'll have to make it as well written as this blog, though.

So I'm gonna write the rest of this blog about my day today, because other wise I'll forget it:

So today I had to be in school for 2pm, a one off treat since we don't have our additional study yet. It was actually a pretty fun day, cos when I got to school I just kinda wandered around until finding Scott, then found TJ playing football and talked to him about crap. Photography was really fun, we used the dark ro- I can't be bothered with this shit, now I know why my myspace blogs were so short; this shit is seriously boring. Fuck all of you.



Anthony said...

You have lost the 'BEAT THE LENGTH OF DOM'S BLOGS' award. You disappoint me.

Keep it up =D

TJ said...

Great i found me!