Monday, 10 August 2009

Still here

If you want me.

So yeah, still writing that really long 10,000 word mammoth of a blog. Here a bunch of little things to chew on while you wait for the next.

New artists that I like since whenever:

Lisa Hannigan - Woah, Zak got me into someone (not literally, sadly). She's a very nice folk singer, and much better than Damien Rice (she used to do backing vocals for him etc). Though her album is pretty patchy (LOL, COS THE ART IS LIKE A SEWING THEME WITH PATCHES AND STUFF LOOL!!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL) and inconsistent, it's still got a few songs that are really, really amazing stuff. I think a review I read was probably pretty accurate with "a lot of heart, but not much brains" though obviously still has brains (otherwise she'd be dead).

Ween - I've had 2 of their albums for like, a year, and I never listened to them. Liam then gave me Quebec, and now I love them (at least a little bit). Transdermal Celebration, Chocolate Town, and Among his Tribe, and especially the absolutely incredible "The fucked Jam" are all excellent.

Bright Eyes - Only have one of their albums (I'm Wide Awake It's Morning) but it's a pretty great album. Obvious heavy Elliott Smith influence, but songs like "Road to Joy" or really great and original.

Blogs you should read (this will also be in my upcoming blog, if only because I need to fill it up): - Yeah, he neglects it even more than I neglect my blog, but it's still probably my favourite blog ever (or was, I guess?). It inspired me to make my own blog, but unfortunately it also inspired me to try and write really long blogs that take months and months (he could probably do these in a day). I guess his blog might SUCK if you don't know him. In fact, just don't bother reading it. - This is the blog of Zak. This blog is good because, so far (though only two entries have been written), I'm in every post. This gives it an automatic edge over other, shittier blogs. - "Now wait a gosh darn minute" I hear you all say. "This isn't a blogspot blog! In fact, I'd be hard pressed to even call it a blog!". Well, to that I say fuck you, but I also say that it is a blog, with *SECTIONS*. It also used to be a humble little blog on Who knows, maybe my blog will move to a proper website and have *SECTIONS* one day. Who knows? Me, because that will never happen. The most publicity this blog will get is as my msn personal message, or the occasional facebook status.

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