Saturday, 16 January 2010


I just remembered that it's already a new decade, and I haven't made a blog. I entered the decade watching fireworks on tv, and not drunk. I was with friends though, which was nice at least. Man, I can't really think of what to write. I guess to be expected would be a summary of 2009, and well, it was ok but mostly shit, even with celebrity plague aside. The only good things I can really think of are:

  • Became much better friends with Dean and Sandford, and others too.
  • Created Wobbly Bollock Podcast, which is really fun to do.
  • Enhanced my musical palette by a lot, which I'll continue to do throughout this year.
  • Got better at music, and actually created some half decent music which was a first.

For once, towards the end of the year was actually better than towards the beginning of the year. Is this a sign that 2010 will be good? The answer is maybe.

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