Saturday, 17 April 2010

Things that suck

When you're angry at people who've done absolutely nothing wrong, and you know they've done nothing wrong. It just sucks. You kind of have to hide that you're angry, because you know that there's no excuse for it. It's just...being completely unhappy with a situation, but you can't blame a situation. They don't exist, in a tangible way. So you have to blame someone, but all the people involved haven't done anything wrong. Then why is everything so fucking not right?

Sorry for being mega vague. I just hadn't blogged in a while so...I guess it's something. I should also add that I feel mega uncomfortable having this blog advertised on my Facebook and msn display name now, so I will be removing them. I mean, it was nice when all I wrote about was music, but I feel I can't write about myself anymore.


Michael Sandford said...

tell me about this in a not vague way sometime!

Tom Bown said...