Friday, 14 November 2008

An exhibition

Welcome to the first ever alienblogato exhibition! This week: unfinished blogs. The bolded segments are the title of the unfinished blogs.

The Best Question:

I've decided that the best question is probably "May I rape you?" The reasoning for this is if they say yes, then it's impossible to rape them, but if they say no, you can.


Here's an observation for you that makes me happy and yet makes me feel uneasy; ever since putting my blog back into my MSN personal message (it's been about a day since doing that) I've got about 70 new views. Thanks for reading! The uneasy part is that I have no idea who is reading really; I guessed my sister was when she was saying "you know me and you are very similar", and then I knew she was when she was all "I love music and art too!".

Powerless or Powerful?

I find it quite funny that humans can be some of the most powerless people and species on earth, but yet the most powerful, by far. I mean, it's just funny isn't it, if you put a naked and bare human in a room with a lion, the lion would kill him easily if they had to fight. However, I think a lion would find it very hard, nay, impossible to destroy almost all life of Earth, but humans could do that easily. It's weird how it varies; lions are pretty much just lions and they'll never be any less powerful or more powerful without human intervention, really. Humans can adjust and shit.

No Title

I really want to write a blog, but it's been so soon since my last blog that I can't think of anything new to write about. I asked a few people what to write about; Anthony said "." in his oh so hilarious manner (:@ !!), Dan interestingly said "Write about people's lame boyfriends", which was an intriguing idea but that would just be pathetic bitching and I'd look like a complete loser. Zak suggested writing about "music and art", though that is seriously about 90% of what I write on here, so I'm not going to do that.

Since I can't think of a blog topic

I'm going to make this blog 100% Random thoughts, since it's easier to write this way. I might make it something more coherent later.

Random thoughts:

I wonder if the financial crisis is going to start affecting my family soon. I mean, just a few minutes ago I went to get some deliciously smooth and sweet Tropicana™®© orange juice. What did I see? Black eyed angels swam with m- I mean, it had been replaced with plain old ASDA orange juice. Naturally, I thought my world had come crashing down around me, but not just yet; there was one carton of Tropicana left. I lived to tell the tale, at least for another day.

Amnesiac would be so much better if Knives Out was replaced with Cuttooth, and Morning Bell/Amnesiac was replaced with Worry Wort. It's still my favourite album ever either way.

I keep having thoughts about that girl that I used to like, but I haven't even talked to her properly in months. Referencing a previous blog, if you don't try to keep friendships up, they just dissolve into nothing. Sucks.


How I want my Life to be

Ok, so basically, I'm a dreamer. I always have thoughts, always, of imagining having these weird wishes come true. These vary a lot, but are all basically nice things that I'd like to happen to me. They include things like imagining that every girl was attracted to me, imagining that I had perfect ability in something like piano or singing or song writing. I also sometimes wish that I'd written certain songs, but then convince myself that if I did then there wouldn't be an amazing studio version. Sometimes I think of weird things, like for half of all women to find me amazingly attractive, and the other half to find me very ugly, and see how things go, for fun.

But yeah, enough about that. This blog is just going to be a detailed overly examined guess of what I'd like my life to be like, except it's gonna be realistic (so no half of all women finding me amazingly attractive type stuff here, sorry).

Ok, so maybe I should say where I am right now as of writing this blog. I'm in year 12, at the Brit School where my main thing I'm doing is Visual Art and design. It's alright so far, I enjoy painting by far out of everything else; mainly because we haven't touched on animation yet. But yeah, I have constant feelings that I'm in the wrong place, not because I don't love art, but that the art that I want to do won't provide me with the kind of lifestyle that I want unless luck is on my side. I also feel that, unlike something like music, I just plain don't understand art these days. There's so much analysing that we do to uncover the true meaning of the art work, and that's great, but after that...I feel nothing. With songs, once I find the true meaning I appreciate it more most of the time, but with art, I'm just like "..ok". A lot of the time it's just so ambiguous that you have to read a detailed explanation of what exactly it's about. I have a feeling I'm not explaining this well, but basically, as I've said fuckin' millions of times already and am sorry for mentioning it again, music > art.

So, what would I actually want to happen in my life you say? I'd like to leave the Brit school with a distinction in my Art Btec, but ideally that wouldn't effect what I'd want to happen. I'd like to be in a band, a band with amazing musicians that want to make music like me. Ideally, I'd also want them to be great friends of mine, just y'know, because I'd prefer to be in a band with amazing friends rather than LAME PEOPLE. But yeah, after that, I'd like to be discovered by some type of record company that would give me a deal (Ok, you've got a deal!) and then I'd be famous and appreciated, and not seen as some piece of shit band that means nothing and creates crappy pop songs that don't mean anything.

I'd also like to find someone to love, that loves me back. I'd also like to get married to her, but if she didn't like marriage or something like that, I wouldn't give a shit. I'm also one of the only people I know of my age where I can confidently say, I want children. The thought of not having offspring and then just DYING scares me. I'll need someone to keep the bloodline going, but besides that, I just love kids. They're great

One of my favourite times of the day

Is on weekends or holidays, when it's late at night and you can stay up late with no consequence. And then you just sit in front of the tv and watch it, while being on the laptop/internet and talking to people on msn. It's even better when all the ugmoers start to awaken etc. Yeah. Actually, I guess it's not a great time, but I still like it. I like how the tv works all day, kinda. I don't really know how to explain this, I think it's because it reminds me that at night, everyone isn't gone even though it's quiet and dark. It reminds me of this because they could be watching tv with me in other places, or operating the tv channels and things like that.

Another night related thing I like is waking up in the middle of the night and going to another room to find someone still up, and then having a chat. Then again, I guess I don't have to actually wake up for this to be good. I don't know.

I'm tired but I don't want to sleep. UFcdoip hatevr

Oh, and last of all, this is a blog I started writing a few days ago that I didn't finish, 'cos I was bored etc.

"Where were we?

Ah yes, a pointless blog title. I'm not continuing a theme from a particular previous blog, but oh yes, jolly good. Etc. Yeah. Don't really have anything to say, but I have a spare hour or two so I thought I'd at least write something.

For the past 2 days, I've had 2 hours sleep on both days. It really took it's toll on me today, to the point where I was seeing random images of purple and stumbling about. I also noticed that I become so agitated and, for lack of a better word because obviously I was tired, hyper. By hyper, I mean I had to constantly keep myself occupied, occupied by playing around with pencils and doing random beats on the table and just generally anything to keep my eyes open. Bleh.

I should also note that I am enjoying music much more than art at the moment. I'm not upset about it either, music is so totally awesome. Fuck yeah bye"


Wasn't that excellent?

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Dom Kelly said...

"I wonder if the financial crisis is going to start affecting my family soon. I mean, just a few minutes ago I went to get some deliciously smooth and sweet Tropicana™®© orange juice. What did I see? Black eyed angels swam with m-"


"music > art."

I'm guessing you just mean art for art's sake art, not film and games as well. I know where you're coming from, but it really depends. Like, I love Venus of Willendorf, cos it's the ultimate offensive misogynist bit of art to ever exist, at a time when it wasn't even misogynist.

"but besides that, I just love kids."

So you decided to come out! You brave, brave man. I salute you.

"I'd like to be discovered by some type of record company that would give me a deal (Ok, you've got a deal!)"

Even though this made me laugh... INTERNET > RECORD COMPANY. Christ dude, if you're that wary of it, ask Liam to mix your albums when you're older. You can be Ugmo-Records-ified.

Fuck yeah HEY DOM!