Friday, 14 November 2008

I'm gonna talk about Obama and Prop 8

Yeah, might aswell. It's pretty excellent that Barack Obama is now the official president elect. That's not what I'm mainly going to talk about, but still, it's pretty great that America chose someone with the better policies and it's also pretty great that they elected a black guy as president, considering that would have been completely unthinkable merely decades ago. He's definitely gonna do a good job, I think.

Though it's definitely fucking strange what also happened along side that; you probably know that I'm talking about the proposition 8 thing. California made it legal for gay people to marry eachother in may, but now they've made it illegal again with the new proposition 8. Not only is it just terrible that they had to give gay people the right and then took it away, causing all weird problems like what to do with gay people who already got married, but it's just fucking ridiculous how such a big step forward could be taken and then a step right back on the same day.

No, I'm not gay at all, and hell I don't even think I have any gay friends (unless they're in the closet or something) but I still think this is fucking ridiculous. You think that things have moved on when someone from once a repressed minority is now the president elect, but instead they just go along and opress another minority. Can't they just get out of this rut already? I heard someone say something interesting, which was "Does the gay community really need a Martin Luther King?" and I fucking hope not. I mean seriously, it's the 21st century, how about we DON'T ban people from things because of someone else's religion for a change? Thanks.

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Dom Kelly said...

It is the 21st centurrryyyyy, it is the 21st centurryyyyyy...

No Dom in these last two blogs = BAD BLOG.


"No, I'm not gay at all, and hell I don't even think I have any gay friends"

It's funny, but every time I talk about homosexuality too, I have to say something along these lines. It's like... if you stick up for "gays", then you must be "a gay", in these bigots' eyes. Bleargh.

I don't think a Martin Luther King figure would work in the slightest for "the gay community" (as if there even IS a community, that's just how all gay people would be referred to), because we're not in the same position. When Luther King started his campaign, there was no equal opportunity for black people at all. Unfortunately, there is for gay people today, but not every single equal opportunity, which means we're stuck between two flags.

And back then... black people were represented in a horrible way, so it was easy (well, I say easy... obviously it was very difficult for him) for Luther King to find a stance against it. But today society's all politically correct in a way that isn't progressing anything, and so you've got bullshit like token homosexuality on television, amongst celebrities (particularly lesbianism), and just represented in society at all.

It's a pretty fucked world when one of the most offensive shows on the planet - South Park - shows us there's nothing wrong with being gay; and Will and Grace, a show with two gay guys in it, plays up all the gay jokes in a pretend-ironic-but-really-just-offensive way. Did I ever tell you that John Barrowman - Captain Jack in Doctor Who - went up for the part of Will's gay friend in that show, and they rejected him, because he was actually gay?