Thursday, 15 January 2009

My Holiday

iHola friend! The last year, I was with my mother and my sister of vaccaciones. We went to Spain in airplane. I spent two weeks there. I lodged in a hotel with my mother and my older sister. The hotel was very well. It was much sun and warm in Spain. A day, we went from excursion to Madrid and we were in car because it is not very far from the hotel. Madrid was very well because there were many activities. Later Madrid, we went to the beach. I spent many hours in the beach. To the sigiuente day, I swam in the swimming pool with my older sister and my mother. Later, we played the volleyball and we have much funny. Later two weeks, we were my house in airplane. It was many sad. My vacations of Spain were excellent. I will never forget my vaccaciones Spain. I have many memories happy, my older sister also has many memories happy. The year next, I go from vaccaciones to Portugal with my father and my older brother. I am going to lodge in the hotel for three weeks. I go to Lisbon with my father and my older brother. Also, we visited my grandparents and my uncles and cousins. He was funny to visit my family because I do not visit for many years. I am many excited.

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