Friday, 13 March 2009


I don't know. I'll check to see if there's time before dinner.

Michael is telling me to write a blog, because it's been 2 months. The foolish fool, though it may first appear that way to the naked eye, I have created many blogs with excellent content on giftblog. But yes, I know what he means in that I haven't written anything big and self involving in a long time etc, but I will not do that right now either. Keep in mind, though, that I have been in the process of making a very long blog, which includes 100 facts. I'll have to, from now on, write in it more often, 'cos a blog like that was designed to be a way to deposit thoughts and still come out with something lengthy without it being a chore.

But yeah, today's blog is more of a pointless blog just to say "No, I'm not dead, stop celebrating. I said stop. Oh, right, are you celebrating that I'm back? Well, fuck you then." or something along those lines. I don't have anything pre-planned, except something I noticed when watching Master Chef at 4am last night.

Which was the fact that late at night, basically every program has a person on the bottom right of the screen doing sign language, as a way for deaf people to easily understand what's going on. That's all fine and dandy, I can obviously see why this is done, but the question I don't have the answer to is: why so late at night? Am I to assume that deaf/hearing impaired people are vampiric creatures, only tuning into their tv sets at night when everyone is asleep? Is it just because everyone would be pissed off if it happened during the day, so they decided to just make it so deaf people can enjoy tv at a time when they're in bed?

Perhaps I may never know the answer. Well, I could always ask Dom.

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