Sunday, 28 February 2010

I haven't climbed any trees for a while

Around the ages of 10 - 12, I used to love climbing trees in the park with friends, sometimes to the point where it's ridiculously high, like maybe twice as high as an average house, and we climbed from the very bottom. Thinking about this now makes me sit in disbelief that I actually used to do this, and at that age. I could have died so, so easily; I wasn't exactly wearing a harness, and even getting down was a challenge. And yet, I was never even nearly scared or doubtful that I should do it. Is it because of little kiddy stupidity, or because all my friends were doing it? Imagining my parents seeing me doing that makes me feel dreadful, because if I had children and saw them climbing to the very top of ginormous trees like that, I'd be terrified.

I don't think there'd be a greater pain than losing your own children. Unless you're an asshole parent who's all "whatever", then I guess it's not so bad. Maybe it's a relief.


zak said...

yeah remember also climing trees to the verry top but my freind would really do it and one of my freinds perents was scared when i did it when i was with a freind and said the think i should get down, but yeah i was never really scared. also im not sure about the thing about doing it at a yuong age i can still climb trees noow and it dosn't shock me that i did it when i was littel as well its just something iv always been abel to do i just found it more fun as a child

Me said...

"You don't climb trees? You're missing out."

Sorry, just had to!

I climbed a tree not so long ago. But I'm scared of going high so I basically don't.