Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Make or Break

It's only just struck me that this decade is the one where I'll completely become an adult. I realised this when my friend Zak asked me what my plans were for the decade, and I started to think of recent things before realising I have 10 years left, not 10 months. My immediate thoughts were what I want to achieve by the end of the year, but by the time this decade ends, I'll be 27 years old. Some people I know at school will be months away from 30. It's actually shocking what 10 years actually is. I remember the person I was at the beginning of 2000, and to think that he's the same distance away from me as the 27 year old version of me is down right weird. By the end of this decade I could have children, or have gotten married, or be famous. This is the decade where everything is technically meant to happen.

But I hope writing that paragraph hasn't set me up for some horrible failure that results from making goals out of everything. Wouldn't be a problem at all if I achieved them.

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