Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero

Actually, by "at" I should say "near". And by "near" I of course mean 2 blocks away. And let's not forget that there is already a mosque closer to ground zero than this proposed one.

This is the biggest non issue ever, and anyone who is offended by it should take a really good look at why they're offended. Mosques are not the international symbol for terrorism. 1.5 billion muslims did not crash the planes into the towers. America should not show intolerance by allowing every other religion to build their worship site in the area except one specific religion, because of something a terrorist group did in the name of it.

And also, am I really insensitive for saying that 9/11 was almost 9 years ago now? People are letting it fuck things up much more than it should have with protests like this.


zak said...

Mosque arn't bad and i don't see why they shouldn't open a new one naer the cite heck it may even be a way of the muslim comunity to pray for the people that were lost by the hands of people who most muslims belive not to be in anyway related to true islamic belifes and that they were just exstreemists i mean people don't go round say oh no you cant build a church near this primary school i mean we know the curches reputation

zak said...

also what the fuck is with ground zero about like it was some war were solgers were fighting its just a place where inocentce were attacted by terrorists