Saturday, 1 May 2010

Alien Blogato: A Short History

I've been neglecting this thing probably more than ever, so it's time to write.

I've realised that I spend a hell of a lot of time documenting things in my life (this blog is just one of the many methods.) But it's weird how much I can write and get from the smallest of things. I'm probably marvelling more at how verbose I can be sometimes. I spent about 60% of this blog just talking about music and art, and it was usually the same subjects about both. I think me wanting to steer away from getting repetitive is keeping me from writing, and I also used to be a lot more open in this thing when I knew that only Anthony and Dom read it.

But about documenting stuff... I have a fear, or well, a massive "want" to not forget anything in my life, no matter how small. Weird eh? That isn't the reason I started blogging though, I think I started (this was on MySpace by the way, in 2006) because Anthony was doing his daily blogs. But it was sometime in 2008 when I was reading over those old entries, and there were so many memories that I'd just completely forgotten about. Reading them all was so much fun, nostalgic etc. I guess that made me just want to continue, though I've definitely had a massive shift in tone over the years. I think this was brought on by when I thought all my MySpace friends read my blog, to when I thought basically no one read it. It turned into less of a diary of what I did, into what I thought. I guess it's just nice to remember that each day isn't a meaningless blur, and things actually happened.

Short history of this thing. Quite weird that it's almost been up 2 1/2 years now.


!!! said...

I've been using the same blog for six years. I know it's not a competition or anything, but... yeah, fuck you.

Jack Bz said...


Dom Kelly said...

You think YOU'RE verbose? Take a tip from the MASTER, baby: you ain't got nothin' yet.

On the subject of the "not wanting to forget anything" thing though, I had that exact thing a couple of years ago... but the happier I became with my life, the less I cared (oh god I sound like an American) and conversely I now think that having a completely accurate record of your life to date would do little but embarrass you and eat you up from the inside because your insides love being cannibalistic.

In conclusion, fuck you!

Jack Bz said...

I'd say in general you could be more verbose than me but like seriously I'm sure probably half the 13000 word blog is me adding words to sentences to flesh it out to meet some retarded goal. I remember going back through like every sentence adding in things as petty as "and like" for no reason.

But yeah, become unhappy so you can blog.