Saturday, 22 May 2010

Art, flow

That's it, basically. Now I just need to clear my locker, collect my portfolio, collect my yearbook and grades. Then I'll probably not ever set foot into school again. Done all the work I can do.

Now it's going to be an albeit small period in my life where I can absorb all the art I want with no restraints. That's a pointlessly weird way to put it, yes. I basically just mean that, for at least 3 months, I want to just read all the books, listen to all the music, watch all the films, play all the games that I've been wanting to play. With no worries. Of course, I say no worries, but I can't help but worry. I'll probably be thinking I'm wasting my time while I'm doing this. But I want to go into this and come out as a different person (well, in some aspects). I want to know what I've been missing in the world.

Feel free to recommend anything to me.

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Michael Sykes said...

LOST, Breaking Bad, Tim + Eric, Phillip K. Dick