Thursday, 15 July 2010

I wrote a post a while ago

Where I was upset about something, that still upsets me but not in a personal way. I can't really explain because y'know, annoying and uninteresting vagueness which is a certain barrier on this. It'd certainly be a lot more frequent if no one else could read it at the very least, because I'd have a lot more to say. But yes, following on from that blog I decided to not advertise this anymore in my msn name or on Facebook, or anywhere else (though I don't think I ever did advertise this anywhere else except when MySpace was actually used by people)*. But where's the fun in that? Ok, there's none, but there's no fun in emitting an audience either.

The bottom line is, without kidding myself: I want people to read this. I want people I don't speak to or know that well (or at all) to read this more than I want my closest friends to read it. I'd love it to be this just, complete open medium that people can use to know certain things about me. I'd love for this to be something that I can use to express what I often fail to do in real life, either out of awkward cowardice or the time never arriving at the right moment. So starving this off being read by other people isn't something I want. But I will always be embarrassed of what I write here. Not because of the content, but just the fact that I'm even doing it. It paints a weird picture. There's nothing wrong with it...I can't explain this very well at all.

I think uh, something along what I'm trying to say too is: there lies the problem with giving secrets. You can never ask for them back.

So in short, I'm gonna link when I want, and not link when I want, and not make such a big deal out of this. It's funny how I say "in short", as if what I just wrote previously is anything like I just said. Oh well. 2 blogs in one day! Sadly, one of them is about blogging itself, therefore being uninteresting.

*Reading this paragraph over makes me feel a horrid shame at how social networking is so ingrained in my life. Or maybe that's not true, and it's the only proper way I can advertise this because no one else will ever care?

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Nina D'A said...

You can convey so much through your writing, it's really great. I think your blog has helped me even more with understanding thought process, emotion and things in general about people. Thanks man.

(Whoops! this post is from a while ago and therefore makes me out to be some creep reading posts from 2010, lol!!!)