Monday, 12 July 2010

Homes in the stars

It's something we've all thought about; that the Earth is just, as Carl Sagan put it, a "pale blue dot" in the eternal vastness of the universe. And I think I wrote a blog about eventually everything will end, including our memories and documentation because eventually the sun will explode, and destroy the Earth, etc etc. But looking back, I think I made a very weird assumption; that we'd never leave our planet to inhabit other areas of space.

Can you imagine what that'll mean when this happens? It'll pretty much change what it means to be a life form. The fact that overtime, a species has learned not only how to leave their planet, but to cultivate something else into a new one. There'll probably end up being limitless possibilities to where we can go. I don't know why I didn't really think about that before.

It's weird to think of our personal selves and our opinions, and what they will mean to people in the distant future; how eventually we might just be something to be observed with interest but no emotional attachments. How eventually we will be grouped as an "era" no different to the ones we look back on. We differentiate so much between the different decades of the previous century, but soon that'll all be in a big melting pot. But what I hadn't really thought of before was if there will eventually just be a whole era of human existence known as the "Earth" era, as known from our very distant descendants as we leave this planet. For some reason that evokes a lot of contradictory feelings. The sort of weird loneliness that what we find important may not be important one day, but yet a feeling of warmth that we are probably part of the society that will begin cultivating outside of this planet, and to top it off, a sense of envy for the future humans that will have freed itself from being dependent from 1 home.

Speaking of envy, I really do wish I could go into space and see the Earth from there. I think it must evoke some kind of calm epiphany of what's really important, and how trivial a lot of our worries really are. I really think that doing so could be beneficial for a lot of people, almost feeling a massive spiritual connection to where you are and how beautiful it is.

On another note, I've started watching Twin Peaks again. It's really great (or damn fine lol!!!!).

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