Tuesday, 12 February 2008


I really want to write some songs, and then become really famous and rich with a band. The band wouldn't be some talented strangers, they would be friends and I would help and we'd come up with song ideas together. Also, being famous wouldn't be bad, I wouldn't be in magazines or tabloids, just people would know my name and say "I know that guy, he's in that band that makes good music".

We'd have lots of good albums and we'd be original. We'd make touring special, put on a really good show, be innovative and stuff. I'd also get a family maybe and children and I'd let them do whatever job they want, but I wouldn't want them to be famous unless they didn't want to.

What I'm doing right now won't help me at all with doing this ^^^^^ unless I want to make amazing album covers. Eugh. I feel sick. I don't want to leave my bed for a week. I want to stay with my guitar and make songs and stuff. Hell, even on the train with Zak, we were making random drum beats (probably annoying people) and it was fun even doing that.

I want to be in a band more than anything right now.

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