Monday, 4 February 2008

This is my blog about people

People can be awful and terrible, but usually they're actually pretty nice, if a little selfish. If, for example, you were stuck under a car or something like that, the person or people around you's first reaction would definitely be to help you. A natural desire to help other life is one of the things that makes people absolutely great.

We build, we learn, we create. Can you believe that all of the cities and roads and technology was built and created by people? How awesome is that, seriously. The most any other creature has ever done is use sticks to fish out bugs and stuff. We are so amazing. It's true.

I mean, of course there's a bad side. War, genocide, murder, humans have been victims and culprits of all of those. What other creature has been responsible for the death of millions of others of its own kind, especially because of stupid things like their race or their beliefs. We're the most touchy species to ever exist, imagine if a cat killed another cat because it meowed in a tone it didn't quite like (haha, actually this has probably happened somewhere in the world. You know I mean though, right?

A lot of people are awful, but most are great. I conclude that we are the greatest species to ever exist (untill we evolve into smarter and better things :-O)


Anthony said...

I think its human nature that we will kill our own speies off evetually,and many others, but thats humans. The next clever creature has to be dophines. I watches a program on dophines who saved people :O! Those science people said they feel effections, have self awarness and have names for each other. Dophones are the next humans !

End of blog like comment

Jack said...
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Jack said...

It is not human nature to kill other humans, Anthony.

Anonymous said...

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